Ian Russell – Carp Fishing Articles

A little treat is in store for carp anglers around the world, as Anglers' Net has been given permission to reproduce some of the excellent Ian Russell carp fishing articles previously published in magazines.

As well as knowing a thing or two about bait, - if you haven't matched the name with the company yet, take a look at Heathrow Bait Services to see who I'm talking about! - Ian is also a passionate carp angler and a straight-talking individual.

The first of these articles will appear on Anglers' Net soon, so please check our home page over the next few days or join our mailing list (to the left of this screen) to avoid missing out.

We already have in our possession a collection of six carp fishing articles that first appeared in Carp Addict magazine and we are indebted to them, and Heathrow Bait Services, for not only giving us permission to use these articles, but also for making so much effort to send them in an easy-to-understand format and so quickly.

Cheers, guys (and girls!). I know that the Anglers' Net readers will appreciate you efforts and hope that they return your kindness by paying a visit to your sites!

Elton Murphy - Editor