HOT News from the IGFA – August 2009

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Arostegui father and son continue assault on IGFA record books

It’s now over 300 world records for Marty – 304 to be exact -- and another 123 for his 17-year old son Martini as the Arostegui angling duo continue to research and methodically rack up unbelievable sportfishing accomplishments around the globe.

And though it’s a family affair – his wife Roberta has over 30 records and daughters Danielle and Ali each have them as well – it’s the men in the Arostegui household that spend countless hours studying and learning as much as they can about their quarry. From books, magazines the internet, the current record to beat in the IGFA’s World Record Game Fishes book, the pair also delve through notes from past fishing adventures – baits, lures, colors, the best times and where to find the biggest fish in the species -- as they prepare for their next trip.

“Typically we’ll spend some 30 hours of research finding out as much about the fish and what they eat and what flies to take.“

It’s a routine that continues to lead to success as the pair has achieved records on four continents including North America, South America, Asia and last year Africa.

Europe is next.

In 2010 I want our family to go to our ancestral country of Spain,” said the Cuban born Marty and follows up with a laugh saying, “But I know Martini and I will be spending a number of those days there chasing after a Wels catfish record.

Marty has been tackling records for over 15 years, only a few years after he had his first real fishing trip, a gift by Roberta with acclaimed Key Biscayne, Florida USA flats guide Capt. Bill Curtis. His first fish was a bonefish and Curtis thought then he was good enough to try a fly rod as well.

His first world record fish was caught in the summer of 1994, a 10 lb triple tail on 4 lb tippet near Flamingo in the Everglades National Park with another noted Captain Rick Murphy.

“I never really set any major goals. After the first record I said ‘let me try for two,’ and then it soon became 10, then 20 and then 100,” he laughed. Before long Arostegui surpassed Herb Ratner, Greensburg, Pa., who retired from his own intense pursuit at 180 world records.

After Marty achieved his 200th record the IGFA presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Just this past spring Martini joined his father on stage as he was also presented the same honor becoming the first junior to capture 100 records before turning 17.

Noted for catching and releasing a 385 lb shark on fly

Up until last year Marty held the world record for catching the largest fish on fly. It was the spring of 2006 when he received international media attention for his largest fish, a 385 lb (174.63 kg). lemon shark caught on fly off Key West, Fla., USA.

Into the hour long fight, as he muscled the fish next to the boat, Arostegui realized how dangerous the toothy shark was as it attacked the hull of Capt. Ralph Delph’s 29’ craft.

When it opened its huge mouth, I said to myself this shark could eat half of me in one bite,” joked the retired emergency room doctor who stands 5 ft. tall and weighs 125 lbs.

What followed was typical of the extensive planning and preparation for which Arostegui is noted. With the help of two other nearby fishermen the huge fish was lassoed and wrestled into a specially designed eight foot long, three foot deep aerated, hydraulic live well. After an hour-long ride back to Key West the pair, with the help of Delph’s son Mike who is also a prominent guide, finished documenting the catch using a portable electronic scale along with a special canvas sling to cradle the fish. Then they carefully slid the shark back into the water resuscitating it – with Arostegui in the water -- measuring the shark for its girth (49”) and length (90”) plus took photos.

Looking at the photos of himself and Capt. Mike Delph standing in the water before releasing the giant fish which an hour before had been biting the boat, Arostegui laughed and said, “I don’t recommend getting this close to a lemon shark, especially in his environment.” Caught on 12 lb tippet which over-tested at the IGFA world records lab by one pound the record was moved up to 16 lb tippet, but it was still the largest fish ever caught on fly.

The year before Arostegui caught a 247 lb lemon shark on 8 lb tippet, another record that he believes will probably be in the record books for a long time.

Prepared purveyor of unusual and “ugly” fish

Over this decade Arostegui began traveling the world catching some obscure, unusual and frankly “ugly” fish such as the giant snakehead in Malaysia; the prehistoric giant trahira in Suriname with sharp canine-like teeth, and fly-fished the deep-waters of Alaska for yellow eyed rockfish.

Sometimes he doesn’t need to travel any further than the canals of Broward County outside of Ft. Lauderdale for a snakehead, a gar along the Tamiami Trail beyond Miami’s city limits, or for a barracuda in the Keys.

“Some of my friends make fun of me for catching all these weird fish,” smiled Arostegui. “Their primary focus is the snook and tarpon. I’ve caught a lot of those and like catching them. But after catching so many I said I need to find new challenges and weird things to learn about. I kind of have a challenge of catching them on a fly rod.”

A recent phone call to Marty found him on his annual summer trip to Lake Livingston, Texas near Trinity as he and Martini focused their sights on more records for gar, one of the “ugly” fish Marty is so fond of catching and learning about.

“I just caught a 25 lb longnose gar on 8 lb. tippet and Martini caught a 21 lb alligator gar on 6 lb class line,” his voice reflecting his typical enthusiasm he has for sportfishing wherever he goes. “We had a great time in Texas.”

Those could be records 305 and 124 respectively once approved by the IGFA’s world record department.

But who’s counting.


IGFA Representatives gather for Pacific meeting

Gary Graham of Southern California said it was the largest gathering of IGFA Representatives from the Pacific region that he could remember. The 25 members included representation from California, Papua New Guinea, Australia’s East and Western territories, Tahiti, Bay of Islands New Zealand, Hawaii, Korea and Japan.

The meeting coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) the grandfather of all big game fishing tournaments and one built upon honor, prestige and strict adherence to IGFA rules for world records.

Held on the eve of his celebrated HIBT, tournament founder Peter Fithian was joined at the head table by his fellow IGFA Trustees Michael Farrior and Paxson Offield, and IGFA President Rob Kramer. They were also joined by a special guest Junzo Okada, current Chairman of the six-thousand members of the Japan Game Fish Association. In order to attend the HIBT, Okada had graciously relinquished his office as Chairman temporarily as the meeting conflicted with the 31st Annual Japan Billfish Tournament he normally would have presided over.

Long-time IGFA Representative and a resident Kona, Hawaii Rick Gaffney, hosted a luncheon for the representatives at Quinn’s restaurant, Almost by the Sea, which provided an ideal backdrop for the gathering.

Graham reported that each representative presented an overview on their respective region’s current fishery, followed by a fascinating and informative round table discussion.

Farrior, Chairman of the IGFA Representatives Committee, praised the efforts of the attendees and their invaluable efforts. He commented ,“Acting as a sportfishing advocate, each and every one of you have made an important contribution on behalf of the angling community in your respective regions,”.


(photo caption) At the recent IGFA Representative’s meeting In the top row from left to right were Trustee Paxson Offield, IGFA Japan Junzo Okada, IGFA Trustee Michael Farrior, IGFA President Rob Kramer, IGFA Trustee Peter Fithian, IGFA Rep Western Australia Mark Maher, IGFA Rep Maui, Hawaii Donnell Tate, IGFA Rep Northern California Rocky Franich, IGFA Rep Hawaii Jim Rizutto, IGFA Rep Alaska Mal Linthwaite, IGFA Rep Queensland, Australia Albert Threadingham, IGFA Rep New Zealand John Chibnall, IGFA Rep Oahu, Hawaii, Al Bento. Bottom row l-r IGFA Rep Papua New Guinea John Lau, IGFA Rep Japan Tomonori Higashi, IGFA Rep at Large Central Pacific Rick Gaffney, IGFA Rep New South Wales Australia Robert Lowe, IGFA Rep at Large for Hawaii Roy Morioka, IGFA Rep Papua New Guinea Bob O'Dea. Though not in the photo Tahiti Representative, Alban Ellacott, while present, was unable to attend the luncheon. Representatives Gary and Yvonne Graham of California joined the group soon after.


San Diegan Honored as a National Treasure by IGFA

Well respected IGFA Trustee and long time San Diego businessman Michael L. Farrior of Rancho Santa Fe, was recently presented a special award from International Game Fish Association (IGFA) President Rob Kramer for his decades of work on behalf of sportfishing.

The commendation to Farrior read in part, “For your extraordinary leadership as an IGFA Trustee and for your passion in promoting fishing and conservation, we hereby declare that you are a “National Treasure.”

Farrior, whose interest in sportfishing stretches back nearly four decades, has become the recognized authority and historian of saltwater sportfishing on the United States’ West Coast.

A mentor to many, Farrior over the years has shared his interest in antique tackle and encouraged others to begin collecting and preserving the old fishing equipment. A long-time member of the Tuna Club of Avalon, Farrior was appointed Historian and was subsequently invited to write The History of the Tuna Club 1898-1998. When his book was published, Farrior donated all of the profits to the Tuna Club Hospital Foundation.

Gary Graham, an IGFA Representative noted that “Farrior approached that project with the same enthusiasm he has demonstrated throughout his life and his research has literally changed the way the IGFA viewed West Coast sportfishing.

“He’s also assisted the U.S. government by providing the historical data for use in developing the Highly Migratory Species Act,” Graham added. “He’s been the catalyst in arranging pier fishing tournaments for the youth of San Diego, as well as fishing trips for military patients recuperating at the San Diego Naval Hospital from wounds suffered in Iraq.”

Farrior has immersed himself in the sportfishing scene for many years. In addition to fishing for the many species in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific, Michael has fished around the world and has caught and released marlin up to an estimated 750 pounds off the Great Barrier Reef.

The antique tackle collection he has assembled and the research he has shared is another way Michael gives back to a sport that he loves. Graham said Farrior was able to establish that the birth of big-game fishing occurred on the West Coast and the early fishing gear used to battle large bluefin tuna, marlin and swordfish, evolved here. The sportfishing ethics and rules used today by IGFA and other fishing clubs were originally drafted at the Tuna Club at Avalon on Catalina Island at the turn of the century.

"Making Californians aware of the fact that big-game fishing was born here and getting California indelibly recognized as the birthplace of big-game fishing is one of my proudest achievements," Farrior said. "Previously, it had literally just been lost to time."

Farrior’s impact on West Coast sportfishing is also indelibly written in the history which he has preserved and which has consumed him throughout the years. His contributions to sportfishing over the years truly qualify him as Sportfishing’s own “National Treasure.”


IGFA Reps host San Diego’s 7th Young Anglers Tournament

The youngsters loved it and thanks to the dedication of IGFA Representatives Catherine Miller, John Campbell and Jack Innis all of Southern California, the Seventh Annual Young Anglers Tournament held July 25 was a huge success.

When a count of the eager faces was made, 158 young anglers competed in the highly anticipated event held at the Shelter Island Pier on San Diego Bay. IGFA rep Gary Graham reported Mother Nature also helped with an incoming tide which crested at 12:45 along with an offshore swell helping to produce a quantity of qualifying catches including halibut, calico bass and mackerel.

Okuma Fishing Tackle was on board providing rod and reel combinations for any of the young anglers that didn’t have their own. Winners were awarded in each of ten age categories based on a point system valuing the number of fish and species caught. Two anglers tied in the 7 Year Old category. Catch and release was encouraged.

Darius Ngo, 14, San Diego, was the overall winner scoring 83 points. His name will be engraved on the Young Anglers Perpetual Trophy, a beautiful David Wirth carving which remains on display at the pier.

The winners in each age category were:

  • 6 year olds: Anthony Salorio, San Diego

  • 7 year olds: Chaz Hallmark, San Diego & Ryan Rosati, Chula Vista

  • 8 year olds: Makenna Hruska, San Diego

  • 9 year olds: Thomas Orozco, Union City, CA

  • 10 year olds: Justin Magno, San Diego

  • 11 year olds: Tyler Luz, San Diego

  • 12 year olds: Adam Doyle, San Diego

  • 13 year olds: Joey Luquin, Chula Vista

  • 14 year olds: Darius Ngo, San Diego

  • 15 year olds: David Evans, El Cajon

Each top angler received an embossed IGFA certificate, an IGFA Junior Angler Membership, a rod and reel combo by Okuma Fishing Tackle and an assortment of other prizes which included fishing trips from Pt. Loma Sportfishing’s ½ day boat Daily Double and 3/4 day boat Point Loma, H & M Landing’s ½ day boat Premier and 3/4 day boat Malihini, certificates for miniature fish mounts by World Wide Fish Mounts, admission to Legoland, retail gift cards provided by Hawthorne Caterpillar, and kayak and rod rentals from Sharkey’s Shelter Island Pier concession.

IGFA trustee Mike Farrior provided hot dogs and coordinated with Tommy Gomes' famous fish tacos, Stumps Village Market of Rancho Santa Fe, Specialty Produce and Catalina Offshore Products for lunches to participating anglers and their families. A free drawing delivered prizes to all participating anglers making every youngster a winner.



A great turnout of 158 young anglers competed in the tournament at the Shelter Island Pier on San Diego Bay.


The overall winner of the day’s tournament was 14-year old Darius Ngo of San Diego is congratulated by IGFA representatives Jack Innis on the left and John Campbell, right.

Campbell presents awards to Chaz Hallmark, San Diego and Ryan Rosati, Chula Vista, who tied in the 7-year old age category. 


Gary Graham interviews IGFA President Rob Kramer

While in Hawaii, IGFA Representative Gary Graham who is also an award-winning fishing/outdoor writer for Western Outdoor News had a chance to sit down with IGFA President Rob Kramer for an in-depth interview on Kramer’s role and the work of the representatives, in particular Mexico and its Baja region.

Graham wrote, “Kramer’s appearance immediately dispels the notion that the IGFA is some kind of ‘old boys club’ where members sit around sipping something brown and reminiscing about the good old days. He is young, personable and possesses a remarkable knowledge of the fisheries and the issues that confront them throughout the world.”

In the interview they discussed numerous subjects including initiatives towards more youth education in marine sciences and the current internet technology that now and into the future is expected to be useful in fisheries conservation. 

For a look at Graham’s interview with Kramer and more on what IGFA Representatives do please go to Gary’s blog which appears on Western Outdoor News’ Online site at: Reps… Sportfishing advocates .


IGFA’s rep Dr. Julie Ball featured in Virginia newspaper

Besides being ambassadors for the IGFA, many of the IGFA’s International Committee of Representatives across the globe are also leading spokespersons on fishing and conservation in their communities, states and countries.

One of them is Dr. Julie Ball of Virginia Beach, a popular IGFA Representative who also holds over a dozen IGFA world fishing records. Recently in her local daily newspaper she was asked to give readers in the Hampton Roads region a general overview of the process and steps it takes to apply for a world record.

For a fun and informative read pull up the following link on your computer on the Norfolk’s Virginia Pilot Online to view Julie Ball’s tips on going after your own world fishing record:


IGFA begins School of Sportfishing classes in late August

The IGFA School of Sportfishing will kick off its 12th session at the end of August and according to Jeff Mackin in the IGFA education department, the class line up will cover different aspects of both inshore and offshore fishing.

The next session begins on Tuesday August 25. The IGFA School of Sportfishing classes are held on Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida.

“The classes this fall will include such topics as the Fundamentals of Sportfishing,’ ‘Successful Swordfishing,’ ‘Bottom Fishing Wrecks and Reefs,’ ‘All About Live Bait,’ a brand new inshore class called, ‘Secrets to Surf Fishing’, and more,” said Mackin. 

“Once again we’ve been able to attract some of the finest captains from around the area to lead each class. Not only do these instructors guide clients to trophy fish day in and day out through their charter businesses, but they also have a knack for being able to teach our participants their secrets through hands-on interaction.

  • August 25, Fundamentals of Sportfishing with Capt Tony DiGiulian

  • September 1, Successful Swordfishing with Capt Drew Kettelhut

  • September 15, All About Live Bait with Capt Shawn Fairbanks

  • September 22, Bottom Fishing Wrecks and Reefs with Capt Bouncer Smith

  • September 29, Secrets to Surf Fishing with Capt Steve Kantner

  • October 6, Kite Fishing Techniques with Capt Bouncer Smith

For more information, interested anglers can contact Mackin at 954-924-4340 or visit  You may also register online at Classes are limited to the first 24 anglers to sign up.


IGFA School of Sportfishing now international

After its success over the past four years in South Florida, the IGFA has just completed its first international School of Sportfishing in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, an area only recently opened to sport fishing on the Red Sea.

Jeff Mackin in the IGFA education department said the outreach was spearheaded by the school’s co-creator Capt. Tony DiGiulian partnering with Marine Supplies Center in Jeddah. Several classes were held teaching participants basic and advanced trolling, live baiting, and kite fishing techniques.

“We hope to continue holding classes in this burgeoning sport fishing location,” said DiGiulian.


August Hot Catches

World records coordinator Rebecca Wright of the International Game Fish Association has selected a dozen recreational fish catches and photographs made from across the globe now before the world records committee. This month fish caught in the countries of Mongolia, Tasmania, Fiji, Thailand, Gambia and the far reaches of the United States are featured.


Fishing the waters of Fiji, Tim Simpson, Coomera Waters QLD, Australia, guided by Capt. Adrian Watt, landed a wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) on June 17, weighing 31.6 kg (69 lb 10 oz) on 4 kg (8 lb) Platypus Lo-Stretch test line. Simpson, the editor of the South Pacific specialist offshore gamefishing magazine Bluewater said he was fishing the coral reefs at 200 fathoms, 30 miles off Kadavu Island, Fiji aboard Watt’s boat Bite Me, using Halco Laser Pro 190 trolling minnow lures which he reported are phenomenally successful for wahoo. He and top American marine photographer Bill Boyce were on a mission to attempt world records on light-tackle for wahoo and sailfish. Over the past four years Simpson has been pursuing the current IGFA record of 56 lb 11oz (25.71 kg) caught off Bermuda a decade ago. Both he and Boyce were locked into a double hookup, battling their tooth laddened fish which each sizzled off 500 meters of line, sometimes straight down and in opposite directions several times. Full details, plus all the secrets of how Simpson achieved the pending record, will be published in a spectacular feature article in BlueWater Issue 75 – on sale in early September. See for more. (Photo – wahoo 32461)

Using a ghost shrimp for bait while fishing Newport Bay, California, USA, Richard Pomo guided Kathy Pomo, Anaheim, Calif., to a catch of a California corbina (Minticirrhus undulatus) on April 25, weighing 1.87 kg (4 lb 2 oz) on 2 kg (4 lb) class line. The current IGFA women’s line class record is 3 lb 4 oz (1.47 kg) recorded from the waters of nearby Long Beach, August 2003. (Photo - California corbina – 31933)

While fly-fishing Long Beach, Calif., Dr. Wade Y. Yoshii, M.D., of Manhattan Beach, Calif., USA, landed a California corbina (Minticirrhus undulatus) on May 15, weighing 1.59 kg (3 lb 8 oz) on 6 kg (12 lb) tippet. The current IGFA men’s tippet record is 3 lb 6 oz (1.54 kg) catch recorded April 2000 from the same Long Beach vicinity. (Photo - California corbina - 32035)

While fishing Virginia’s (USA) James River, Robert L. Jimerson Jr., Glen Allen, Va., used a dart shad as bait to land a hickory shad (Alosa mediocris) on April 21. The fish weighed .79 kg (1 lb 12 oz) and was caught on 4 kg (8 lb) class line. The current line class record was caught last year from the Roanoke River in North Carolina and weighed 1 lb 6 oz (.62 kg). (Photo - hickory shad – 32037)

Fishing the Gambia River in Gambia, Western Africa’s smallest mainland country, Texas, USA angler Stan Nabozny, guided by Bala Moses, landed a North African tigerfish (Hydrocynus brevis) on May 7 weighing 5.67 kg (12 lb 8 oz) on All-Tackle. Nabozny, an IGFA multi-record holder from The Woodlands, was using a Bunny Magnum lure and landed the toothy predator in 15 minutes. The species will be added to the list of four other families of tigerfish currently in the IGFA’s World Record Game Fishes book. (Photo - North African tigerfish – 32043)

Jonathan McNamara, Owego, New York, USA, landed a fallfish (Semotilus corporalis) on April 15, weighing 1.62 kg (3 lb 9 oz) for a potential IGFA All-Tackle record. He was using a Mizmo tube jog, while fishing New York’s Susquehanna River. The current IGFA All-Tackle record is 3 lb 8 oz (1.61 kg) caught in the summer of 1991 from Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. (Photo – fallfish – 32478)

Traveling from his home in the 50th U.S. state to visit and fish in the 49th state, Steve Kwiat of Honolulu, Hawaii USA, landed a yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) weighing 12.7 kg (28 lb 0 oz) from Alaska’s Gulf of Alaska USA. Guided by Capt. Scott Hines, Kwiat, used a rubber jig on 4 kg (8 lb) class line for the July 4 catch. The current IGFA men’s line class record is 16 lb 1 oz (7.3 kg) caught in August 2004 from East Chugach, Alaska. (Photo – yelloweye rockfish – 32558)

While fishing with his wife and renowned taxedermist Curt Moses, angler Capt. Jay Wright Jr. Hollywood, Fla. USA was guided by Kevin Pennison on July 3, to a 28.8 kg (63 lb 8 oz) lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus). Wright was using 6 kg (12 lb), class line and a leadhead fitted with a grubtail, while fishing the Gulf of Alaska, Alaska, USA. The current IGFA men’s line class record is 61 lb 0 oz ( 27.66 kg) off Alaska’s Pearl Island, set by Wright’s friend Kwiat in Aug. 2001. (Photo – lingcod – 32592)

On June 22 Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom angler Alan Boon, landed a giant pangasius (Pangasianodon sanitwongsei) weighing 41 kg (90 lb 6 oz) using bait, while fishing Gillhams Fishing Resort, in Krabi Southern Thailand. The current IGFA All-Tackle record is 65 lb 1oz (29.5 kg) caught last year from Thailand’s Bung Sam Lan Lake. Photo – giant pangasius – 32509)

In Tasmania, junior angler Kieran Gilbert, of New Norfolk, Australia, guided by Stephen Gilbert, landed a Southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyi) May 16, weighing 90.2 kg (198 lb 13 oz). He was fishing The Lanterns, off the coast of Tasmania using squid and took an hour and 15 minutes to boat the fish. The current IGFA boy’s junior record is 174 lb 2 oz (79 kg), caught June 2008 from the waters of Pedra Branca in Tasmania, Australia. (Photo – Southern bluefin tuna – 32510)

Fly fishing Italy’s Lake of Annone on June 11 using 10 kg (20 lb) tippet, Paolo Pacchiarini, of Milan, landed a Northern pike (Esox lucius) weighing 14 kg (30 lb 13 oz) in 10 minutes using a wiggle tail. The current IGFA tippet record for the fish is 30 lb 8 oz (13.83 kg) caught August of 1996 from the Innoko River in Alaska. (Photo – Northern pike – 32533)

A new species may be added to the IGFA World Record Game Fishes book on the catch that Kyiv, Ukraine angler Iurii Diachenko made by landing an alti osman (Oreoleuciscus potanini) on June 14. It was caught from Hoton Lake in Mongolia, and weighed 5.82 kg (12 lb 13 oz). Diachenko used a Vibrotail and landed the fish in 15 minutes. He released it after photographing and documenting its weight and measurements. (Photo – alti osman -- 32603).



Mercury Marine Free Family Fishing Clinic at IGFA Sept. 19

Based on its popularity in the past, Mercury Marine, along with the IGFA, and radio station 99.9 KISS Country, will again be hosting a free family fishing clinic at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum on Saturday, Sept. 19. The clinic will run from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. and will include educational activities such as knot tying, casting, face painting, a question and answer session with professional fisherman, and free giveaways.

“We’ll also have plenty of free hot dogs to feed the hungry crowd throughout the event,” said a smiling David Matagiese, the IGFA’s Education Director. “At our April event more than 600 adults and youngsters from South Fla., joined in for the fun.”

These educational and fun clinics are designed for the entire family with the KISS Country Fishing Team on site as well as an informative “How To” session with Mercury’s pros teaching engine basics like how to change a propeller and proper maintenance of an outboard motor.

This clinic is a great outlet for families to bond and spend time together in the enjoyment of the outdoors,” stated Matagiese. “Many parents we talk to are trying to pull their kids away from the seclusions of their computers, video games and cell phones. By doing so, we’re hoping to educate both kids and adults not only about the importance of game fish and the need to conserve their habitat, but also to show them how easy and fun fishing can be.”

Mercury Fishing Clinic loaded with free giveaways and great learning tools

Each person who stops by the fishing clinic will have a chance to win an array of free prizes, interact with the pros and also take part in the different learning stations that will be set up.

The fun and educational centers include:

  • The cast net station, where participants learn the proper way to throw a cast net so catching bait becomes a snap .It includes tips on what types of nets best suit your needs, proper cast net care and how to catch bait to make your next fishing trip successful and productive.

  • The knot tying station is where novice anglers can become better skilled at a few common knots like the Palomar to help them get started in fishing. Advance anglers can try complicated knots like the Bimini Twist. Other knots anglers and parents can learn are: improved clinch, hangman’s, uni, blood, Albright, surgeon, double surgeon’s loop and the nail knot.

  • The casting station features instruction on the importance of proper techniques while casting a lure or bait. Beginners can gain knowledge of the overhand cast while advance participants learn sidearm and flip casting. Here the importance of safety while casting is also stressed.

  • And the face painting station which gives kids a chance to pick their favorite marine animal and have it painted on them. The IGFA’s resident artist will provide youngsters a wide range of colorful fish and animals to choose from.

There’s also a “Q-and-A” session with Mercury Marine Fishing Team pros answering questions about fishing or what it takes to catch big fish.

Registration is not required but all children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information please contact Matagiese at


IGFA accepting grant requests from schools for lab programs


Here’s some great news for schools interested in marine sciences. The IGFA Education and Outreach Program is currently accepting grant requests for school groups in grades K-12 to participate in their hands-on lab programs.

Funds are available for groups to participate in the lab programs in two ways. Either on-site at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida or the IGFA Education Team can come to your classroom to host many of the educational lab programs at your school. Priority for funding is given to Title-I schools. Programs are available from Monday - Friday during school hours and require a minimum of 20 participants.

For more information on how your school group can participate in these marine science programs for free, please contact Veronica Woods at 954.924.4309 or visit our grant request page at


Tickets now on sale for IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame ceremony

Tickets are now on sale for the annual star-studded enshrinement ceremony and dinner which will be held Tuesday, October 27 at 6 p.m. at the International Game Fish Association Fishing Hall of Fame in Dania Beach, Fla. The public is invited.

Five talented men, all who have made significant contributions to the sport of recreational fishing, will be inducted as the 11th class into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. The class of 2009 includes Carlos Barrantes, Sr, Jack Erskine, Dr. Guy Harvey, Harlan Major and Stephen Sloan.

The honorees are selected each year for the significant contributions made through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication or administration of fishery resources.

For ticket and reservation information please contact Ms. Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or


Date set for 26th Annual IGFA Auction & Banquet in 2010

The date for the IGFA’s biggest fundraising event of the year, the 26th Annual IGFA Auction & Banquet, has been set for Friday, January 29, 2010.

A vast array of more than 200 silent and live auction items are expected to be up for bid when the evening unfolds at 6 p.m. at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., USA.

Donations are already arriving, including the special bronze sculpture from this year’s featured artist, world-renowned Australian sculptor, Bodo Muche.  There are also trips to Los Suenos, Tropic Star Lodge, the Bahamas, cruises, artwork and more.  The highly anticipated online portion of the auction will be featured on the IGFA website beginning the first week of November. 

Tickets are $200 per person and included the silent auction, Conservation Awards, dinner and live auction and free valet parking.

Corporate tables for 10 are also available for $5000 which includes VIP placement, table favors, an ad in the auction program and more. To make a donation to the auction or for reservations and additional information please contact Ms. Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or


Interesting facts from the IGFA -- Did You Know?

16,928 species are threatened with extinction

  • 3,246 are Critically Endangered

  • 4,770 are Endangered

  • 8,912 are Vulnerable

Roughly 30,700 species of fish have been described

  • 3,841 have been evaluated

  • 1,275 or 37% of those evaluated are threatened

250,000 tons of grouper are harvested each year

  • 161 species of grouper have been assessed

  • 12% are considered threatened

Of the 1,045 species of sharks and rays 17% are listed as threatened. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported an annual commercial landings of rays and sharks totaling 781,326 tonnes in 2007.

  • 38% originate from the Atlantic

  • 34% originate from the Pacific

  • 28% originate from the Indian Ocean

  • Blue sharks are the most commonly harvested shark species and represent 56% of the pelagic shark catch (45,087t)

  • Threshers are the second most harvested pelagic shark and represent 24% of the pelagic shark catch (19,197t)


Camhi, M.D., Valenti, S.V., Fowler, S.L. and Gibson, C. 2009. The Conservation Status of Pelagic Sharks and Rays: Report of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group Pelagic Shark Red List Workshop. IUCN Species Survival Commission Shark Specialist Group. Newbury, UK. x + 78 p.

Vié, J.-C., Hilton-Taylor, C. and Stuart, S.N. (eds.) (2009). Wildlife in a Changing World – An Analysis of the 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.Gland, Switzerland: IUCN. 180 pp.


Free Boaters Safety Course Sept. 19; final class for 2009

Are you new to the great recreational activity of boating? Or would you like for you and members of your family to be safer boaters?

Well, we’ve got a class for you…. and it’s free.

The IGFA and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission are teaming together to host the next free Boaters Safety Courses beginning on Saturday, Sept. 19, at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Dania Beach, Fla.

The all day class begins at 8 a.m. and lasts till 4 p.m. It’s the final class offered for 2009.

This course, taught by the law enforcement division of the FFWCC meets the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida.

The class is comprised of a six chapter review and a final exam and is limited to 16 people with advance registration. For more information and to register, please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at


---At the IGFA Museum---

Exciting sport fishing photo exhibit extended through March

The works of some of today’s hottest marine photographers, featured in an exhibit in the Art Gallery of the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, has been extended into next year.

More than 70 images -- from Pat Ford, Adrian Gray, Scott Kerrigan, Charlie Levine, Dave McCleaf, Al McGlashan, Ron Modra and Sam Root – are now on display through March 2010.

All visitors to the museum can have the opportunity to experience the excitement, emotion, energy and beauty of sport fishing as seen through the lenses of these masters. For more information please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at


Interactive “Ocean Today” kiosk

If you’re visiting the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum check out the newest interactive exhibit of the Ocean Today kiosk which is gaining in popularity.

Located in the Fish Gallery, the kiosk was originally developed as a major installation in the Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, said IGFA Education Director David Matagiese.

It receives real time data directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and helps to educate museum guests on topics such as the current state of the world’s fisheries stocks, endangered species, marine debris and much more,” he said

The kiosk enhances ocean literacy among museum goers through an enticing multi-media experience. A dynamic interface comprised of ocean imagery and video clips, invites visitors to explore several content themes. They include Ocean Science & Technology, Ocean News, Recent Discoveries, and Ocean Life.

When a visitor touches the 42-inch screen, the content areas are revealed to show the most recent information. Matagiese said multiple groups can simultaneously interact with content on the kiosk. It accommodates two specially designed sound areas that envelop visitors. One sound area will immerse the visitors interacting with the 42-inch displays while the other sound area, at a comfortable distance behind the first, allows a group experience and easy viewing of the content mirrored on the 50-inch overhead display.

For more information on the kiosk, please contact Matagiese at


Calendar of upcoming IGFA events

September 19, 2009 -- Boaters Safety Course, IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Dania Beach, Fla., USA. – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. This free all day course is taught by the Law Enforcement division of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and meets the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida. It’s comprised of a six chapter review and a final exam. The class is limited to 16 people with advance registration. For more information and to register, please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at


September 19, 2009 --- Mercury Family Fishing Clinic; IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Dania Beach, Fla. USA. – 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. This free event sponsored by Mercury Marine features clinics on: how to throw a cast net, knot tying, casting stations, fishing talks, question and answer sessions with Mercury Marine Fishing Team Pros, face painting, a number of prize giveaways, free hot dogs and remote broadcasts from KISS Country. Registration is not required but all children must be accompanied by an adult.  Bring the whole family along and enjoy a day of education and fun outdoors! For more information go online and visit or call the IGFA at 954-927-2628.


October 27, 2009 -- The 11th Annual IGFA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Dania Beach, Fla., USA -- This year’s event will celebrate all 75 members and the newest five inductees of the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. This year’s inductees will be Carlos Barrantes, Sr., Jack Erskine, Dr. Guy Harvey, Harlan Major and Stephen Sloan. The inductees are selected for the important contributions they have made to the sport of fishing through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication or administration of fishery resources. The evening includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, the induction ceremony for the 2009 class and dinner. Tickets are $200. For reservation information please contact Ms. Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or


November 8 - 13, 2009 -- IGFA Offshore World Championship, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – This 10th annual event is considered international fishing’s most prestigious billfish tournament hosting nearly 50 winning teams from 19 countries on six continents who have been invited after winning one of over 130 qualifying events held in 2008. It’s also the largest contingent of international teams to compete in a single catch-and-release fishing tournament world wide. For more information on the tournament or to find out more about registering a tournament as a qualifier, contact Lynda Wilson at or call 407-571-4517, or contact Dan Jacobs, Tournament Director at or call 407-571-4680.


January 29, 2010 -- 26th Annual IGFA Auction & Banquet at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., USA, beginning at 6 p.m. -- It’s the IGFA’s biggest fundraising event of the year with more than 200 silent and live auction items up for bid. Donations are already arriving, including the special bronze sculpture from this year’s featured artist, world-renowned Australian sculptor, Bodo Muche.  There are also trips to Los Suenos, Tropic Star Lodge, the Bahamas, cruises, artwork and more.  The auction will be featured on the IGFA website beginning the first week of November.  Tickets are $200 per person and included the silent auction, Conservation Awards, dinner and live auction and free valet parking. Corporate tables for 10 are also available for $5000 which includes VIP placement, table favors, an ad in the auction program and more. To make a donation to the auction or for reservations and additional information please contact Ms. Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or


April 24, 2010 -- Seventh Annual World Record Achievements Awards and Banquet, IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, Dania Beach, Fla., USA. -- This celebration dinner and awards ceremony highlights the 2009 records by men, women, juniors, professional captains and tackle manufacturers.  For reservations and tickets for the ceremony please call Lesley Arico 954-924-4222 or