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25 July 2007

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•    Continuing high water levels on many Salmon fisheries herald better grilse fishing.

•    Good Green Peter fishing reported from Lough Owel.

•    785 Salmon reported from the River Moy to bring the season total to 4267

•    17.25 lbs. Salmon reported from the River Eany.

•    Carp to 12 lbs. reported from the Corkagh Park Fishery in Clondalkin in Dublin.

•    Very good coarse angling catches reported from lakes venues in the Arva Gowna area.

•    Good Pike fishing reported from Co. Monaghan.

•    Pat McCann wins the all Ireland Pike fly Competition in Carrowmore Lake in Co. Mayo with a fish of 18.4 lbs.

•    180 lbs. Porbeagle Shark recorded at Baltimore in west Cork by English visitor Derek Foster.

•    Specimen Ballan Wrasse of 5 lbs. 9 oz. recorded and put back alive by Bill Ryan near Kilkee in Co. Clare.  Bill wins our catch of the week – please see photo on the front page of our website

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From the Co. Meath website on Fishing & accommodation in county Meath Ireland:

Mark O'Regan
Guide and Instructor for Salmon, Trout and Pike fishing.                          Notes: Home waters include the River Boyne and its tributaries.          Address: Crannmore, Dunderry Road, Trim, Co. Meath.
Telephone: +353 46 9431635         

Boyne is in flood
Written by Marc O'Regan    
Sunday, 22 July 2007
Last week the Boyne was in flood and consequently was impossible to fish with fly however some of the tributaries were fishing and in between some heavy showers olives and sedges hatched. The rush growth is in credible on the small rivers and makes fishing a real challenge, the secondary banks are also now well established and it is great to see the rivers returning to their natural state.  We had a good number of fish to 13 inches during the week and all in good condition and returned safely. Fishing should return to normal on the main by mid week provided the rain stays away.

Godfrey Donohue Managing Director reports from the CORKAGH PARK FISHERY near Clondalkin in Dublin. Ph: +353 (0)1 4592622 mob: +353 (0)87 2650495 e-mail: Web:

The trout lake is producing fish steadily with a great evening rise. This is ideal for a few hours after work (we have an evening ticket at EUR10), as with the evening rise, you are almost sure to catch fish. We always love to see new anglers coming along.

We always add to our stock of fish in both lakes to ensure a constant stock of fresh fish and pleasurable angling. The fish range from 1 lb to 26 lbs in the trout lake.

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Ian Powell reports from the BLACKWATER LODGE fishery on the Munster Blackwater in Co. Cork.
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Larger Grilse & Summer Salmon finally return!
Late Spring and Grilse Time
Here on the Blackwater, we usually enjoy a very good run of what we would call our May fish. Well into double figures with a good proportion in the 14/15 lb. class, this is a distinct run that comes later than the springers & usually just before the grilse.
Unfortunately for us this year, we have suffered abnormal drought conditions from late March right through until a 4 foot flood on June 22. Consequently, very few fish moved into the system and the May catch was well below normal – exacerbated by the low number of anglers fishing.

Significantly larger grilse and salmon in bigger numbers!

The drought extended right up to the last week of June so the few anglers fishing out of the Lodge in the first 3 weeks of June didn't see the benefit of the drift net ban.  The total number of fish taken on the Lodge Fishery for June was about normal for recent years, but almost all of these fish were taken in the last week when water levels rose.
With higher water levels from the last week of June on, the benefit of the net ban is now becoming apparent.  No nets means that many more of the larger grilse and salmon are making it through to the river. It is very interesting to look at the fish taken in the period from June 1 to July 23 this year (without nets) compared to the same period last year when the nets were still operating.
The following table is a dramatic example of the size increase of the fish. The % age of fish returned has also increased significantly, showing a very responsible attitude by anglers – many returning very fresh fish even although they haven't killed their daily limit.

Fish caught in the period from June 1 to July 23.
Year        Number         %         Average      Fish            Fish          Fish
              Caught    Returned    Weight    under 5lb    5 – 10lb    over 10lb
2006            99            46%          4.8lb          70%            19%        10%
2007          11
7            58%          6.6lb          34%            48%        17%
The number of fish caught has increased despite the fact that the number of anglers fishing has been significantly lower this year.  Now the water levels are up, we are really starting to see the benefit of the absence of the nets. Good numbers of grilse & larger summer salmon are coming into the river at the moment. Grilse are running through to the middle and upper reaches of the river in numbers that haven't been seen since the late 1990's. 
The pessimists thought that drift net ban would not be adhered to or enforced. From what I have heard from the south-west (Cork & Kerry) there does not appear to be any activity taking place, and of the 117 salmon and grilse caught on our beats so far in June and July, not one single fish has been net-marked.
The runs of Atlantic salmon everywhere (both in Ireland and abroad) this year have also been much later than normal. We have just returned from a visit to the Miramichi in New Brunswick on the eastern coast of Canada, where exactly the same phenomenon has been evident. Their run of the same Atlantic salmon that would normally appear in June didn't come until early July.  We only took 7 fish in the first 3 weeks of June – 36 were taken in the last week!
Superb prospects for the coming weeks!
Having high water at this - especially after a prolonged drought – always brings in a good run of fish. Although these latest flood come a little early, it looks as if the sustained high water has started autumn fish running in already.
As soon as the water fines off & stabilises, the prospects of sport are superb for the coming weeks – both in size & quantity of fish.
This is OK for both fishing and accommodation up until late August.  September is getting very full.

Best Regards & Tight Lines!
Ian & Glenda

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From Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel, angling guide Vincent Appleby reports on the past week's fishing trends on the LOUGH CURRANE system:

16/7/07 Mr PJ and Colin Lynham and their Gillie Mr Mike O'Dwyer were in good form again on the Butler Pool when they caught a fine Grilse in the 3.5 lbs/1.59 kgs class, caught on the fly, then they turned their artistry to the Lake and caught a fine 6.5 lbs/2.95kgs Salmon on the troll and just for the record PJ and Colin are fishing out of  In the Sea Trout department there were a few Juniors caught. Wind SW light to fresh and bright and sunny all day. Max air temperature 20C/68F, humidity 81% amount of rain fall 4.0mm/0.157480in
17/7/07 one Grilse caught on the fly and in the striking zone was Mr Tommy Duggan of Kilkenny who caught a 5 lbs. / 2.27 kgs Grilse on the fly in the Mouth of the Commeragh with his Gillie Mr Dominic Mc Gillicudy and in the Sea Trout department, an Angler fishing out of caught four Sea Trout in the 2 lbs./0.91 kgs class, method of catch combination of fly and troll, plus there were a few Juniors caught by other Anglers. Wind NW light to fresh then veered N around 2pm, bright and sunny all day, max air temperature 20C/68F
18/7/07 Mr Garry Humphreys of the UK was in good form again when he procured himself a Grilse on the troll with his Gillie Mr Brod O'Sullivan of Stella Maris Guest House Waterville, on the Sea Trout front I saw Mr Reid catch a fine Sea Trout in the 2 lbs./0.91 kgs class and Mr Delaney fishing out of Lakelandshouse.Com caught two fine Sea Trout which the biggest weighed in at 3.5 lbs/1.59 kgs both fish were caught on the fly. Now for quote of the day, I was asked if we had caught anything which I replied no we are only amateurs, he took one look at me and said, yes you may well be, but the gentlemen fishing with you, is certainly no amateur and I am referring to Mr John Griffin of and I can tell you that brought a smile to John's face and where I am concerned the least said the soonest mended. Wind NNW light, bright and sunny all day, air temperature 20C/68F humidity 66%
19/7/07 There was a fine 3.5 lbs/1.59 kgs Sea Trout caught by an Angler fishing out of and finished the day off with two smaller Sea Trout. Now to the famous Butler Pool where Mr Rob Wasmuth of the UK caught a 4 lbs/1.82 kgs. Grilse on the fly and ably assisted by his Gillie Mr Michael O'Sullivan of Waterville Boats contact Wind NNW light with the odd shower but making heavy rain tonight, air temperature 17C/62.6F humidity 80% amount of rain fall 9.8mm/0.385826in
20/7/07 there were a few Sea Trout caught but again nothing that would hit the head lines but to be fair to we the Anglers the conditions were not in our favour with light to calm NNE wind, max air temperature 17C/62F with the odd light shower. Amount of rainfall in the last 24hours was 1.2 mm/0.047244 in.
 21/7/07 All quiet on both fronts and just for the record I saw only two boats on the drift. Wind, flat calm first thing this morning, eventually the wind it came from the SW light to calm then veered NW light to fresh with the odd light shower but mainly bright and sunny, even though there were heavy down pours around the area, but Lough Currane missed them, air temperature 19C/66.2F 22/7/07 There were a few Sea Trout caught on the fly in the Mouth of the Commeragh by Mr Shay Lynham of Dublin with his Gillie Mr Mike O'Dwyer and on the Salmon front I see on that master Josh Truman, caught his first 6lbs/2.73kgs Salmon. Wind SE light to fresh with heavy showers throughout the day. Air temperature 19C/66.2F. Amount of rain fall 1.5mm/0.059055in That is all the news from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery. No Spin No Fly's just Facts.

Berni Kelleher reports
22nd JULY OF 2007.


Regular rain during the week kept river levels reasonable.  5 fish caught, best fish 10 lbs by D. Breen of Kenmare.


A 10 lbs salmon caught on a shrimp by Brendan Walsh, Kinsale.  Kevin Collins from Cork caught a 5 lbs fish, while 4 visiting anglers from Antrim landed one each.  Richard Barry from Cork also landed two fish. Paul Hanley and Kie
ran Condon caught 25 fish between them and all were released.


2 fish caught on Beat 1 on the worm weighing 4 lbs.


4 fish caught for the week with an average weight of 3 ½ lbs on the worm.


1 fish caught on the lake weighing 4 lbs on the worm.


6 fish caught for the week, good sea trout fishing to be had with a 2 ½ lbs fish caught at Innishannon on a spinner.


The river Lee is fishing very well at present with 100 fish caught on the fly and shrimp with the majority returned.

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Brian McManus reports:

July 25th, 2007



There were good hatches of sedges on Sheelin over the past week and some spent gnat in the Stoney area of the lake. 16 anglers caught and released over 80 trout on dry sedges. A number of L.S.T.P.A. anglers did quite well. Gene Brady had 8 fish for the week ranging in weight from 1.75 lbs to 3.5 lbs, most were released. Michael Kelly, Dublin had 9 fish over the week on dry sedges, most released. Lawrence Barkley had 4 fish. Gerry Hickey, Kells had 3 fish on spent gnat, fish averaging 4 lbs. The L.S.T.P.A. ran a youth competition on Saturday July 21st. 17 anglers participated. The results were
•    Winner: Gerry Bird with a fish of 1 lb 14 ozs
•    2nd Place: Aideen Ross with a fish of 1 lb 10 ozs
•    3rd Place: P Brady with a trout of 1 lb 10 ozs
Anglers are encouraged to fish the lake this week. Try a range of small dry sedges.
Contact Thomas Lynch L.S.T.P.A. Mobile: 087 9132033 or logon to the L.S.T.P.A website for information on competitions and other local news.
For local updates contact Mr Sean Gurhy, Assistant Fisheries Inspector Lough Sheelin Tel: 049 4336144
Trout fishing is good on O'Flynn despite the high water levels. Dabblers fished on sunk lines are working well. John Hammond from Dublin had the best reported fish of the week at 3 lbs. Three generations of the Kennedy family from Dublin had 5 fish in a day fish up to 2 lbs, all caught on wet flies.  Declan McGoldrick and son had 4 nice fish. Anthony Baggott had 6 fish over three evenings, best to over 2 lbs.  John Connolly Castlerea had 3 fish in an evening session, best to over 2 lbs.
For updates contact John Ryan, Assistant Fisheries Inspector Co Roscommon at 087 2536064.
The Green Peter hatch has started on Ennell and the fish are showing an interest in any type of sedge late on in the evening. Some good fish are still been caught to the troll during the day. There are small hatches of Peters and Silverhorn sedges. Mike Clarke from Castletown had 3 fish for 9 lbs. Martin McGorian, Dublin had a 2 lb fish, fish were caught on dry sedges.
For updates contact Pat Mc Donnell, Fisheries Officer Shannon Regional Fisheries Board Mullingar Office Tel: 044 9348769 mornings
Some good bags of fish reported as the Green Peter hatch begins, though anglers have observed plenty of fry feeding fish late on in the evening. Joe Vickers, had 10 fish in two outings. Andy Boyle, Mullingar had 6 fish on the 20th and 26th July, best fish 2.75 lbs. Brendan Murray, Mullingar had 5 fish for 7.5 lbs. Peter Mc Glynn, Liam Cox, Mick Francis, anglers from Naas had good results. There were a good few Dublin anglers also who fished over the week and had plenty of fish. Pat Browne and Brendan Kelly from Wicklow had 5 fish for 7.5 lbs. Prospects look good for the coming week.
For updates contact Pat Mc Donnell, Fishery Officer Shannon Regional Fisheries Board Mullingar Office Tel: 044 48769
Mick Flanagan, Angling correspondent and photographer for Sunday World and Topic group of newspapers Tel: 087 2797270: reports on Midland Lakes & Rivers.
With the Peter season starting to take shape, the Lough Owel trout are getting a taste for the sedges. Last week Lough Owel Trout Preservation Club Chairman Andy Boyle from Mullingar boated a super catch. On the day Andy caught four trout all on wet Peters. These fish were in mint condition and were over wintered stocked fish. Hopefully the lake will keep fishing for the coming weeks, as some of the Peter competitions are coming on line. On August 1st Wednesday night the Dan Mullally Trophy will be fished and the Patti Doolan Perpetual Shield will be fished on Sunday August 12th. This was an evening competition in previous years, but will be fished this year from 11am-7pm. The main sponsors my good pals Marty Smith and Dave Hinkles from England will be coming over for the week. I was talking to Marty early this week and they are really looking forward to the trip to Mullingar. These competitions are club events and new members are more than welcome to join. Boat and engine hire is available at Jack Doolans 044-93-42085.
In the coming weeks Lough Glore anglers are running the Castlepollard Angling Centre sponsored All species competition. This is an open competition and will be fished on the Inny River. Fishing is from 9am-4-30pm. The date is August 5th and please contact Castlepollard Angling Centre prior to the competition. 086-686146.
It was another week of excellent angling on Lough Acalla. Anglers reported prolific fly hatches. There was a good rise of fish and anglers had results at all times of the day and had no problem achieving their bag limits. The most successful flies were Green Peter, Golden head Olives, Black Pennell and Peter Ross. The best fish of the week was a 6 lbs. Rainbow caught by J Martin, Ballinasloe. K. Dowd, Ballinasloe had a fish of 3 lbs. There were numerous fish caught in the weight range 1 lb to 2 lbs and anglers reported an increase in rising fish. Prospects look good again.
For updates contact John Devaney, Assistant Fisheries Inspector, Roscommon 087 2266735
The river has been up and down recently with the constant rain. The river needs to settle down to allow fishing to improve. There was a good number of anglers out but fishing has been patchy generally with disappointing returns considering effort.
Lough Derg Native Fish Biodiversity Project
Towards the sustainable management of Lough Derg's native fish populations

Project update June 2007
The Lough Derg Native Fish Biodiversity Project is now is now into its second year and it is timely that we should have a newsletter just to give people an update on the developments so far. Its been quite exciting really and we've come along way from our humble beginnings! Just to recap, the Lough Derg Native Fish Biodiversity Project (Lough Derg NFB Project) was set up to answer a number of questions concerning the native fish community using the most up-to-date and sophisticated scientific techniques.
Overall fishing has been poor due to the heavily coloured water following the local downpours. Once there is an improvement in the weather fishing will improve as fish are in the system. Fly anglers are struggling a bit due to the river conditions, best results presently is worms and spinner.  Liam Heffernan caught a small grilse in the Scart area of the river.
This Bye-Law provides for an annual bag limit of 10 fish for 2007, a season bag limit of 1 fi
sh in the period 1 Jan to 12 May, a daily bag limit of 3 fish from 13 May to 31 August and a daily bag limit of 1 fish from 1 September to the end of the season. The Bye-law also provides for the use of single hooks and prohibits the use of worms as bait once the specified number of fish have been caught in the specified periods and revokes the existing limit Bye–law.
From May 13th, 2007 the Minister introduced a system of Brown Gill tags for certain rivers where it is considered necessary in the interests of conserving stocks to closely monitor angling quotas to ensure river based quotas are not exceeded. The River Mulcair in Co Limerick is covered by this scheme.
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Kevin Crowley reports:
WRFB Angling Report 24th July 2007

Heavy rainfall over the last week meant that extra gates had to be opened on the Weir, and there are now 6 gates open. The very heavy water has badly affected the fishing, with only 31 salmon landed this week. Among the anglers to land fish were Andrew Pease and Colin Jones from the UK, who had a grilse each on fly. Noel Kavanagh from Cork had 5 on fly (4 released), including fish of 8 and 9lbs. Tony Coakley, also from Cork, had 3 nice grilse of 5, 7 and 7 lbs on fly (2 released), while John Roulston (UK) had 4 fish to 7 lbs on fly (3 released). Tipperary angler John Ryan had 2 fish on fly (1 released), as did Patrick Wall from Meath, and regular Dublin visitor Dave O'Reilly caught and released 3 nice fish on fly. Sean Quinlivan and Sean O'Halloran from Limerick both caught grilse, as did Brian Howard from Dublin and Steven Wellard from the UK, who had a fine 7.5 lbs fish, but the fish of the week went to Bushy park man Jimmy Dunne, with a cracking 10-pounder caught on shrimp.
There are a lot of salmon in the river, even if fishing for them is difficult in the conditions. Hopefully water levels will drop later on this week, and if more gates are closed on the weir fishing should really pick up again.

Unsettled conditions were prevalent for most of the week, and the lake is very high for this time of year following all the rainfall. Sedges were the main hatch, with a few mayflies also coming off, but fishing was quite patchy for the week. 43 anglers reported 31 trout in 78 rod-days, with dry mayflies and sedges accounting for most fish.
Christy Crotty from Waterford had 7 fish for 2 days, while Billy Graham from Fermanagh had 9 fish for 2 days, best 2 lbs. Tom Conroy from Ballinrobe had 4 fish to 4 lbs, and Paul Loscher from Ballinrobe had 9 fish for 3 days, best 3.5 lbs. Frank Reilly and 5 other anglers fished for 1 day and landed 5 trout to dry fly.
Sedge hatches will probably pick up over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully the trout will be more obliging come the annual World Cup competition which begins on the 2nd of August.

Fishing was rather slow on Carra this week, and even with large sedges coming off, the evening rise produced very few fish. Des Kavanagh from Galway had 2 fish for 3 lbs, while Mike Shanks and boat partner had 5 for their day to 2.5 lbs, with a very good fish also lost. No other reports of fish were received.

Fishery manager reports from Inagh on fishing up the middle of the month: the grilse have arrived in significant numbers in recent days.  All the river beats have salmon in them and there is a good number already in Lough Inagh.  We are up on last seasons salmon catch by 3 fish and are expecting a year to remember.  The sea trout however are slow at present although the angling conditions have not suited.  2007 sea trout catch is up 51 fish on last season to date.
There is a boat for hire on Derryclare Lake for 2007, a lake that has not been fished in 40 years!
Murt Folan (Galway) fished Inagh for a day and caught and released a salmon of 8 lbs and had 5 sea trout, best flies were a Daddy and a Silver Invicta Muddler. Ciaran Wilson (Galway) had a fresh grilse of 6 lbs and 3 sea trout on a Green Peter on Inagh. David Dobbs (Athlone) fished Inagh for a day and recorded 5 sea trout and 4 brown trout on a Silver Daddy. For details or to book fishing, contact Colin at Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel, tel. 095 34706 or 086 8679459, or email

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Markus Muller reports:

River Moy

Yet, another successful week for anglers on the Moy system, with 785 salmon reported bringing the yearly total, so far, to 4267. However, varying water levels throughout the week resulted in rather unpredictable fishing conditions. Similar to the previous week, the middle and upper reaches of the river fished best, while angling on the Moy Fishery was generally slow.

The Ridge Pool accounted for 24 salmon, including 3 for Emmet Stagg, Co. Kildare. UK anglers, Adam A