Llys-y-Fran Reservoir Report – w/e 07/08/07

The past week has seen a continuance of the sport being offered to anglers visiting Llys-y-Fran Reservoir, as with the past few weeks a good percentage of anglers fishing both Ledgered Worm and Fly are seeing a least one fish of between 4lbs and 7lbs included in their six fish bag. To be honest one of the best bags by an anglers fishing Fly from the bank over the past week was recorded by Paul Bowman of Rosemarket in Pembrokeshire. His bag totalled 11lbs 2ozs but only included two fish, beating off competition from a number of anglers who actually managed to take six fish. Paul's bag included one Rainbow Trout of 5lbs 12ozs and a second of 5lbs 6ozs.

Anglers opting to use the Fly as their preferred method are still managing the best overall results, mainly due to the unseasonable water temperatures still being experienced. The surface water temperature presently stands at 17 degrees Centigrade, approximately 5 degrees lower than would be normally be expected for this time of the year, especially considering that we are now into the month of August. The cooler surface temperatures have obviously meant that the seasonal decrease in oxygen levels in the upper reaches which would normally drive the fish into the deeper regions, hasn't occurred which has left large numbers of fish now feeding high in water, with many feeding tight into all banks on the large number of Roach, Stickleback and Gudgeon Fry available. Some of the best results presently being recorded by anglers using the Fly as their preferred method, include either Floating or Intermediate lines with patterns that include Flies such as small Boobies, Cormorants, Buzzers, Bibio's, Nymphs and various small Fritz Flies.

Terry Pratt of Haverfordwest recorded the best bag of the week for an angler fish Fly from the boat; his six fish totalled 16lbs 8ozs and included a best fish of 6lbs 8ozs. Honours for the week however must go to Adam Maerlheim of Cardigan who during his last visit, whilst fishing Ledgered Worm from the West Bank, took six fish for a total bag weight of 17lbs this included a best fish of only 4lbs, allowing Adam to narrowly beat his Dad by a couple of ounces who fished alongside him that day. Well done Adam it's about time Dave had somebody teach him a lesson.

The free permit drawn from all day permits returned during the past week was won by Wayne Edwards of Kilgetty (formally of Rosebush). It should be noted that on the day of Wayne's wedding recently his father, because the Reservoir was fishing so well decided to come fishing that morning. I can happily report that John had a very good morning, leaving within two hours with his six fish and probably a large sigh of relief.