MacNab at Kenmore. January 15th. 2008

Sportsmen descending upon Kenmore in Highland Perthshire for the opening of the Salmon Season on January  15th, 2008,  will enjoy a significant bonus this year. The holy grail for any field sports enthusiast is to “bag a Macnab”, a brace of Grouse, a Stag and a Salmon in the same day. This year  all those who attend the event will enjoy the opportunity to try the finest tools available to aid them in their quest.

“MacNab” shotguns and rifles  are already established as  the finest tools available to the dedicated shot. At Kenmore, on the 15th of January, MacNab will be unveiling its new range of Salmon rods, designed to offer the fisherman  the same high quality experience that their guns offer the shot. Visitors to Kenmore will be able to test both  the Macnab rods and the MacNab shotguns during their visit as Macnab  have organised both fly-casting and clay shooting competitions throughout the day, which are open to all comers.

Phillip Wright of MacNab says, “ We are delighted to have the opportunity of making the Salmon Opening at Kenmore the launch  point for our rods. We believe that the fishing community will recognise the quality of the workmanship and materials that we have used in developing what we believe to be the finest Salmon rods ever to be constructed. “

The development of the MacNab rods is the latest manifestation  of the company's ambition. “We want the MacNab name to be synonymous with the finest equipment for the field sports enthusiast”, says Wright. “ Giving  those attending the Salmon Opening the chance to use our products themselves enables us  to establish the quality of the MacNab brand in the minds of our potential customers”.

The fly-casting competition, using the new MacNab rods, will take place at the Kenmore recreation ground  and transport  is provided to the quarry for those who wish to participate in  the clay competition using  MacNab guns.  A range of prizes that reflect the calibre of the MacNab brand will be presented to the most successful participants.