Margot Common comes out at 71lb!!

The  Simon O’Brien party from Wales fished Margot from the 4th to 11th April, 2009 & what a session they had!

In total they caught over 200 fish, the most notable being:-
71lb common - caught by Mark Long
55lb common - caught by Andrew Riste
49lb common - caught by Andrew Riste

The haul included 5 x 40’s and 70 carp over 30lb, plus the biggest cat was 52lb.

There is also a story to the big common which Mark will be ribbed long and hard about.  He had gone to bed without any rods in the water, being so tired from the huge haul they were getting.  Some of his mates passed him by, chuckled… and decided to cast a rod out for him.

He awoke to the run very confused, as he thought he didn’t have a rod in!  Guess what… it was the 71lb’er!  So the big girl came out to a single hook bait!

Margot 71lb Common Carp

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