Nash Resorts Invites You For A Tour

Lac Chateau CavagnacKevin Nash has invited millions of anglers from across the globe to take a look around his prestigious French carp fishery, Lac Chateau Cavagnac.

However, the way in which he's done it won't ruin the tranquillity of the place for the anglers currently fishing it, or leave the banksides trodden into a mess, as the tour you can be taken from the comfort of your own PC!

The ‘swim by swim' look at Lac Cavagnac is just the latest addition to the Nash Resorts site and, along with the guide to fishing the lake, is a great aid to any angler wishing to take a trip in search of those monster French fish.

As the feedback section shows, the lake has come up trumps for a wide range of anglers and many have already booked their 2006 trips via their dedicated ‘holiday rep', Rosie Barham.

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