Angling Trust Supports Block of Mega Dairy

The Angling Trust welcomed news this week that the Environment Agency has maintained its objection to Nocton Dairies’ proposed 3,770 cow dairy farm in Lincolnshire and that the farm will not be going ahead. The scale and intensity of the farm had alarmed anglers and environmental campaigners due to the risk of pollution of underground and surface water.

In a statement, Nocton Diaries said: “We are writing today to North Kesteven District Council to formally withdraw our application for planning permission to build a 3,770 cow dairy farm at Nocton Heath, Lincolnshire... The sole reason for this decision is the response of the Environment Agency, which has maintained its objection to the proposal... The Environment Agency’s grounds are lack of information about risks posed to the aquifer underlying the site and uncertainty about the extent of the benefits associated with the change in land use.” (the full statement can be viewed by clicking here)

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “It is good to see the Environment Agency doing its job really well here and objecting to this farm because the developers could not demonstrate that they would not cause pollution to water. This is exactly the kind of regulation that our members wish to see from the EA: firm but fair, precautionary and based on sound science. We welcome this warmly and congratulate the Agency on its robust stance.”

Angling Trust