Okuma Baitfeeder Reel on offer at TREVS TACKLE

This Okuma Baitfeeder reel is just the job for the intrepid big fish hunter, be it carp, barbel, pike, or anything else come to think of it! Trevs say the item is ‘competitively priced’ we’d go further and say that it’s an absolute steal at just £14.99!

The RRP is over double that which means you can get a pair for the normal price of one – a great bargain with crimbo just around the corner!

The reel features a unique patented Okuma 'Baitfeeder System', Fine adjustable baitfeeder function, - 1 stainless steel ball bearing, Carbon spare spool, Graphite body construction, RES Rotor equalising system, Even flow line roller, Long cast spool construction, and Balanced collapsible handle.

Price £14.99 – should be £34.99 – Saving of £20.00!

Buy now at www.TREVSTACKLE.co.uk and help support Anglers Net!