Operation Clampdown catches more anglers

Operation Clampdown!!

Bank Holiday Monday saw the Angling Trust, EA Fisheries Enforcement Team and six VBS Bailiffs out on a close season patrol on the River Avon in Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Using their boat they checked a number of locations including Pershore, Pensham, Nafford, Eckington, Evesham town stretches,Hampton Ferry, Chadbury, Harvington, Offenham and many more from the boat but there were no out of season offenders caught .




Unfortunately however, a check on a local stillwater saw four anglers booked for fishing without a rod licence from just a dozen checks.  It's not worth the risk and it isn't fair on those anglers who take the time and spend their money to purchase a rod licence, just go and buy a licence!!

If your fishing without a licence the message is clear - There is going to be more and more checks throughout the year and they will catch those fishing illegally so DON'T RISK IT!!