Pallatrax Naturals Multi-Purpose Powders Range

Pallatrax is pleased to announce the launch of their new range of powdered baits. After fantastic results during field testing, the initial launch consists of five high quality Multi-Purpose Powders, Aquatic Fly, Maggot, Krill, Daphnia and Silkworm, all designed to fit within Pallatrax’s expanding Naturals Range. These versatile powders have a host of different applications which can be used in the majority of angling tactics from specimen hunting right through to match fishing, and will prove attractive to all species.

Utilising extremely high levels of natural food on a special base anglers can make an awesome paste by simply adding liquid egg (50ml egg to 90g of your chosen powder). Other successful uses include sprinkling over baits such as maggots, worms and pellets or enhancing base mixes, stick mixes, ground baits or method mixes.

Pallatrax Naturals Multi-Purpose Powders RangePallatrax’s Simon Pomeroy stated; “We are really excited by these latest additions to the Naturals Range. By recognising the massive value of natural bait products our catch rates have seriously increased and these new powders are no different. Whatever the species the field testers have reported extraordinary results, especially when used in the paste format, either by wrapping around a hair rigged hook bait or straight onto the hook. Within the modern bait trends many anglers have forgotten that fish feed avidly on natural food sources all year round and with these baits you really can go back to basics and start to ‘match the hatch’!"

The Multi-Purpose Powders Range retail at £5.95, come in resealable tubs, and are available through all good tackle shops or via Pallatrax direct.

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Pallatrax Naturals Multi-Purpose Powders Range