Cambridge based angling company secures remarkable alliances

Newly formed, Cambridge based Piscator Enterprises, has established key partnerships with NISA Feeders and Yorkshire Bait Company for the wholesale supply of a new range of fishing products. For Piscator, which means Fisherman in Latin, distribution covers not only the whole of the East Anglian region but stretches as far a-field as Gloucester and the Welsh borders.

Additionally, David Fisher, Managing Director, has also identified a gap in the market for the supply of Velcro products to the consumer retail market. This unusual opportunity came about through the use of Velcro products within the field of angling, but David realised that this could open a major window of opportunity within a much wider range of market sectors. He presented his business plan to Velcro (the company) and has secured the prestigious opportunity to exclusively provide Velcro products directly to a range of retail outlets throughout the UK.

Says David, ‘This presents another unique chance for us to continue establishing ourselves as a major player within a number of industries, including our core sector angling. We've now built solid relationships with three highly reputable manufacturers, whose products we can sell and distribute in East Anglia and across the UK. It's really very exciting.' David has also won the international rights to distribute the Velcro products in France and Germany. He adds, “We have a robust business and marketing plan that will enable us to steadily and continually target new markets - we are thrilled at winning the rights to distribute in France and Germany so early into our plans”.