Pulborough Angling Society Report

A net dip has been installed at Moor Farm fishery, ALL anglers are required to dip their nets BEFORE starting to fish, the dip has been installed at the entrance to the fishery by the car park, you have to walk past the dip to get to the lakes, so there is no excuse not to dip your nets prior to fishing.
When parking your car at Goose Green please be considerate towards other members and park in a way as to not block the paths to the lakes as was witnessed on the 9th April, we have a number of disabled members, some of whom are in wheel chairs and they require unrestricted access to the paths, the way this particular car was parked on Thursday would have made it difficult for an abled bodied member to pass, let alone a member in a wheel chair, is walking an extra 10 yards really that much of a hardship?.
Catch Reports 

Goose Green     
Mark Emery fished peg 73 on Deep lake at Goose Green on the 16th April, Mark fishing the pole with corn & pellet caught a few small Tench, a large Skimmer & a handful of stamp Roach.

Barry Ginnaw fished peg 37 on Kingfisher lake at Goose Green on the 13 April, fishing the pole Barry caught three carp carp to 10-5-0 plus bream to 2-14-0 and bits for a total 31-4-0.

Ben and David fished Goose Green on the 10th April and although it rained all day, Ben advises that there were plenty of fish to be caught!
The pair started on Canada Lake where David caught four Bream to 2-0-0, whilst Ben had to settle for an Eel of 1-8-0 and  and a couple of nice Roach, the pair then moved to Kingfisher lake, where they both caught lots of baby Tench, good sized Roach & Rudd and Bream to 1-12-0.
Barry Ginnaw fished peg 18 on Heron lake at Goose Green on the 5th April, Barry fishing pole & maggot caught Skimmers, Roach and Gudgeon for a net of 9-4-0, Karen, Barry's wife,  fished on adjacent peg 17 approx 1-8-0, Dudley Chandler was to found on peg 15 and caught a mixed bag for  8-11-0.  
Moor Farm   

 Steve Gray fished Moor farm bottom lake on the 15th April, after a slow start Steve landed a 8-0-0 Mirror from the open water, shortly after this fish his other rod experienced a screaming take in the margins, after a spirited fight a lovely 15-8-0 Mirror Carp was the prize,  after approx 20 minutes another take screamed off from the exact same spot, unfortunately this one got away, Steve also added a Common of  9-0-0 again from the margins and a number of the smaller hard fighting commons that are present in the lake, later in the day Steve was joined by his brother Simon, who landed 12 Commons to 6-0-0 during his stint at the lake.

 Jason Clough and his partner fished Moor Farm Bottom Lake on the 26th March, when the pair arrived it was windy and raining and things were looking grim, once we set up and got fishing the weather cleared a little and the fish decided to bite. During the day in-between the rain and what seemed like gales the duo both managed to catch, as it was Jason's partners first time at the lakes, Jason tells us that she thoroughly enjoyed her visit,

Jason's partner Tracie managed five Common Carp with the biggest going 4-8-0, and Jason caught two very nice sized Crucians, two Tench and nine Carp to 8lb all fish fell to hair rigged single grain of sweetcorn with a pellet feeder.
Duncans Pond   

No reports this week.
River Arun

No reports this week.

River Adur  
No reports this week.     
River Rother   

No reports this week

Match Results     
No matches this week.