Pulborough AS Report – 8 June 2008

Catch Reports  
Goose Green    


Jon Taylor fished Canada Lake on at Goose Green on 3-6-08, Jon fishing a margin pole with 18 elastic to 5lb / 6lb line fished tight into the nearside reed bed, during the first  hour Jon got smashed up twice & lost a further four Carp. 

Jon changed to 24 elastic & 8 1/2 lb line and quickly netted a 4-8-0 Carp and a few Bream, these were followed by an 11-0-0 Carp.


Moor Farm   

Brian Knill  fished the middle lake at Moor Farm on the 6th June and reports catching 12 Carp ranging from 3-0-0 to 9-0-0,  Brian also caught Tench & Roach .  All  of the Carp were caught on the surface  with  floating bread,  the tench and roach were caught on worm & maggot.
River Arun         


River Adur 

River Rother  


Junior Scene  

No reports this week

Match Results   

P.A.S individual Summer League - 8 June 2008
Fished today at Goose Green by 11 anglers , the result was;

1st Pip Pranskus (peg 26) 37 lb 6 oz 8 drms. 9 carp & 2 skimmers to pole and corn/ floating bread.

2nd Mick Booth (peg 28) 16 lb. 5 carp & skimmers to pole and pellet.

3rd Chris Coole (peg 27)11 lb 5 oz. 2 carp plus skimmers to pole and paste.

4th Barry Ginnaw (peg 23) 10 lb 12 oz. 5 bream & bits to pole and corn/maggot