Pulborough AS Report – 10 August 2008


Would members please note that the toilet at Goose Green is not a receptacle for your unwanted rubbish, we are fed up with having to remove bags of litter, you bought it with you, therefore you can also take it home with you!. 

Anglers, please fish only from the prepared swims at Goose Green, these are the ones with wooden fronts to them, please do not fish in between the swims as one angler was doing today on Deep Lake, which has left a large muddy scar on the bank where the grass and marginal plants were just starting to establish themselves, all of the work done by the few in nurturing the banks has now been undone by a moment of thoughtlessness, the swims were built at considerable expense to the society and at great physical expense to those who installed them, they are in place for your well being and safety, in addition, and we don't mean to moan, but it has to be said, when parking your car or van at our fisheries, could you please park in such a manner as to not totally block access to the paths for other members, as one member did at Goose Green today, all because they could not be bothered to walk an extra six feet.

Catch Reports  

Goose Green     
Les Taylor was to found in his usual haunt of Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 10th August, Les who was proudly using his new pole for the first time, caught Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Tench, Gudgeon, Crucians & small Carp, all fish fell to corn fished at five meters
Mark Emery fished Canada Lake at Goose Green on the 10th August, Mark fishing the short pole from peg 33 caught Bream, Tench, Roach, Skimmers and Carp, all on meat.
Adam Tester & Mark Emery fished Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 8th August, Adam fished the waggler with maggot on the hook for a net of small Carp, Roach, Tench & Skimmers, Mark fished the short pole with meat on the hook for a similar catch, also on the lake was Trevor "Mr Pastry" Mordle, Trev who was fishing the short pole with maggot and/or pinkie on the hook caught numerous small fish, but topped of his catch with one of the lakes resident Chub, which tipped the scales at 1-8-0
Steve & V
erity Ludlow mad  a return visit to Goose Green on the 6th August, this time electing to fish deep Pond at the venue, fishing paste and / or pellet Steve caught well with Skimmers, Gudgeon, small Carp & Crucians falling to his tactics.

Steve & Verity Ludlow fished Tench Pond at Goose Green on the 4th August, Steve fishing the waggler with pellet on the hook reports a good catch of Rudd & Roach, but unfortunately no Tench

Moor Farm    

Adam Tester & Mark Emery fished the Top Lake at Moor Farm on the 4th August, both anglers fished the short pole with pellet on the hook for nets of Crucians & Tench of 14-0-0 & 27-6-0 respectively

River Arun       

Ben Gutierrez and friend David fished the Arun at Greatham Bridge on Friday 1st August, Ben advises that the  water was moving very quickly and it rained for most of the day but David caught 19 fish including some nice Roach and a good sized Eel Ben caught caught 15 fish with a few Bream to 3lb and 4 good sized Eels. 

< span class="077243919-29042007">River Adur 

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River Rother    

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Junior Scene  

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