Since the introduction of the Redbridge Lakes handicap scheme, open matches at the lakes have pitted some of the countries best anglers against complete novices and the outcome is not always so predictable.  

Lets take two such anglers for instance. Dicky Carr, one of the UKs most well known anglers with over fifty years experience under his belt and has won many high end competitions; and Johnny Hussein, who has been fishing at Redbridge Lakes as a member now since its launch. You would normally say that the outcome of a match where you have such opposites of the coin would be obvious; however, in some cases, well in two cases for Johnny, that has not been the case.

With the aid of the handicap system and some very generous guidance from the likes of Dicky and other seasoned superstars that make regular appearances at Redbridge lakes, it really is possible for David to beat Goliath!

REDBRIDGE LAKES recently introduced its unique handicap system in its open competitions. This means that even if you are a complete novice, you can test and improve your skills by fishing against some of the most seasoned anglers in the South of England, including England Internationals and still have a chance of picking up a prize.

Johnny Hussein & Dicky CarrJohnny Hussein, (pictured right, with Dicky Carr) Local businessman and a relative novice to fishing has certainly reaped the rewards of the handicap scheme, having now won two matches against some formidable opponents.

I love fishing at Redbridge Lakes, says Johnny. The other more experienced anglers like Dicky Carr are so giving with their time. With expert tuition at hand and the added help of the handicap system, not only have I become a better angler, I have won two matches now and regularly appear in the top eight! This is something that a year ago I wouldnt have even dreamt of as I could hardly tie a hook!

Currently REDBRIDGE LAKES is running open competitions on Saturdays, Sundays & Tuesdays, every week of the year.

A complete novice will be awarded 100% handicap to start. Basically, whatever you weigh in will be doubled.

Other new anglers to the competitions will start with anything between 100% and Zero depending upon the organizers discretion.

Your handicap will then be varied depending upon what position you end up in the competition.

"IT REALLY IS QUITE SIMPLE", says Gordon Bullock, Director of REDBRIDGE LAKES, "and its the perfect opportunity for all anglers to improve their skills simply by mixing with seasoned anglers and competing against them."

If you fancy giving it a go, either Email Gordon on or Tel: 0208 551 5663 for full details.