Seighford Lakes – Fishing In Staffordshire

Trout fishing
The Airflo International Bank fishing match turned out a very successful day with 18 anglers attending and catching 70 fish between them, one team qualified and 4 individuals got through to the final. Team 'Seighford',Ian Buckley, Mike Dixon and Ron Ares caught a combined bag of 24 fish with Ian having the best bag of the day of 9 fish. Fish were moving all over both lakes, the only down side of the day was the strong easterly wind, which made casting slightly more challenging. The Railway Pool produced more fish on the day with anglers catching all the way round the lake on a variety of methods.
Top 8 Results
Weight of 2 fish killed
Ian Buckley          9 fish          5lb 7oz
Graham Kennerly  9 fish          7lb 3oz
Ron Ares              8 fish          6lb 9oz
Mike Dixon           7 fish          7lb 6oz
Ton Waslander     7fish            6lb 2oz
Terry Phillips        6fish            7lb 7oz
Steve Cullum        5fish            6lb 10oz
Ross Saunders     5 fish           5lb 7oz
Ian took all his fish on an intermediate line using a bloodworm.Team mate Mike also used the same method to catch all his fish. Some Cracking dry fly sport has been had throughout the week. Small hoppers,CDC's and Cull's being the favorites.

As most of you who visited our lakes last year will know, we do suffer in the summer months with weed as our pools are shallow and the water is crystal clear. To try and prevent the weed being as bad as last year, we have invested in our own weed cutter. We have tried putting some blue dye into the lakes, but it doesn't seem to be working. The Swan neck Pool will be closed on the 18Th May so we can have a full day weed cutting. The weed at the moment isn't too bad, but if left much longer it will start to cause problems.

Michael BarnettCoarse fishing
Some good bags of fish have come off the Old Pool this week, the wind has been a bit of a pain if fishing at distance, But cage and method feeders have been the way forward. With carp being caught tight up agaisn't the island. Andy Addison had a great day on the Old Pool on Wednesday. He fished peg 5 using two rods. He set up a feeder rod cast out to a deep channel and a float rod close in. He had a mixed bag of around 80lb of fish. He caught all his fish on pellet, worm and maggot. His best Carp of the day was just over 9lb and his best Tench of the day was 5lb 4oz. Simon Rogers also had a fantastic day on Tuesday he fished peg 3, again using a feeder cast to the shallow barr by the island. He also fished a pole line straight out infront of him. He finished the day on an estimated weight of 85-90 lb. Michael Barnett from stafford, had a mix bag of fish off peg 21 on Sunday, he caught all his fish alongside the reeds using white maggot.We do welcome Club matches on the Old Pool. We can cater for up to 22 anglers. For more information on prices and dates feel free to call us on 01785 282967.

Hope to see you soon. Tight lines. Phil Dixon