Another first from SEYMO – The Expanda Skid Bung

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Another first from SEYMO - The Expanda Skid Bung

A Skid Bung that will fit any type or make of pole. The one bung will fit the lot. Quite simply it expands from 35mm up to 50mm diameter. The bungs key advantages are;

1. Expands from 35mm to 50mm diameter, eliminating the need for several sized bungs.

2. Available in two high Vis colours so "sighting" your pole roller is easy.

3. The bung can easily be removed to add or remove sections whilst fishing.

4. Protects joints when shipping back.

5. It will support your pole section ends when the pole is sat on.

6. Special grip latex is kind to your pole.

Patent Pending No GB0207308.8
Reference No 2760

RRP £6.99 ea

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