SPOMB’s away with the 15th World Carp Classic 2013

In 2010, the innovative patented Spomb™ bait dispensers literally exploded onto the carp scene and, in 2012, we saw the launch of the eagerly mini Spomb.  These robust products, designed and made in England, have become one of the world’s leading and longest casting unique bait delivery systems that are being used around the World. 

Mr and Mrs Spomb visited the World Carp Classic in 2012 and are very pleased for 2013 to announce that they have signed up as a section sponsors and will be entering a team of three pairs to this year’s prestigious World Carp Classic tournament at Lake Bolsena in Italy.

SPOMBSpeaking about the tie up,  on behalf of Spomb Limited, Mrs Spomb said:
“We want to support this great competition to target the overseas market because Spombs are made to deliver at distance and are perfect for bigger waters found abroad.  Lake Bolsena in late September/early October is the ideal venue to ensure our products get in the right hands of top class anglers and long distance casters from around the world.   It's a lake that will respond well to the distance and accuracy that Spombs can achieve, even in strong cross winds.   We’re delighted to be part of this awesome event and will be offering a complimentary large Spomb to every competitor.”

Ross Honey, founder of the phenomenal World Carp Classic Tournament, now it its 15th year is equally pleased with the deal.
“We’re delighted that Spomb see our event as their ideal way to market themselves. Spomb are a new and innovative company who have chosen the World Carp Classic as a great showcase for their superb products. We can offer them long-term and deep exposure to literally thousands of anglers in over 40 countries around the world. What makes this event unique as a marketing medium, is that it is a focus venue for hundreds of like minded, opinion-forming carp anglers to meet.  This event delivers a fabulous cross-section of anglers and the associated media exposure to ensure that a sponsors’ name is noticed: worldwide.”