Take Someone Fishing For Free

The TAKE A FRIEND FISHING campaign, organised and run by the Angling Trades Association, is back to encourage parents, grandparents and friends to take the time over the Easter break to give family members and friends  the chance to have a go at fishing. Particularly if there’s nothing they want to watch on the TV and they have an extra few days off work!

Remember when a friend or family member took you fishing when you were young or just starting out?  We bet everyone has experienced a memorable session or two like that – sharing the bank with someone else is always more fun! And with the Take A Friend Fishing campaign, there is the chance to take someone for FREE.

Jeremy Wade, author, TV presenter of River Monsters and Angling Trust Ambassador said:
"The Take a Friend Fishing (TAFF) campaign is a great way for people to learn the angling basics and appreciate the outdoors. By introducing newcomers to the sport, you pass on a gift that stays with them throughout their lives, taking them to beautiful places to catch exciting fish.

I’m planning to take my own nephews out on the bank as they are very keen to learn.  Campaigns like TAFF are so important as they bring the next generation into informed contact with nature and get them caring about the health of our waters and their dependant wildlife."

TAKE A FRIEND FISHINGThrough a number of newspapers, magazines and websites (see below to download them from Anglers' Net), you can get a free one-day rod licence (worth £3.75) so you can take a mate or a family member on a fishing session between Saturday, 30th March and midnight, April 7th 2013.

In additional to a FREE rod licence, your friend can also fish for free at a number of Angling Trust fishery and club member venues.  These Angling Trust members have pledged to support the Take a Friend Fishing campaign by offering FREE day ticket or member passes so that your friend can fish for nothing on their waters (some exclusions may apply). Please check www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk for a list of day ticket offers.

All you need to do now is cut out or print off the rod licence voucher, fill in your details, validate it online at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk, read the Terms and Conditions, grab your tackle and your voucher and go fishing!

The free rod licence voucher cannot be used to fish for coarse fish on any river, stream or drain in England and Wales between 15th March and 15th June inclusive. The closed season may apply to some canals and still waters in your area - please check before going fishing.

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on by emailing pictures (including venue name, catch details, your info and daytime telephone number) to info@takeafriendfishing.co.uk

To download your FREE one-day rod licence, CLICK HERE.

To download your FREE day ticket vouchers, CLICK HERE.

Jeremy Wade