Pallatrax Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been granted the patent for their Stonze® fishing weights/sinkers within the United States of America. The Stonze® range has already enjoyed success in America having previously been awarded a prestigious award at ICAST – the first British company to have accomplished this feat in the Show’s history.

For many anglers the Stonze® have been heralded as the ideal fishing weight. Made of natural stone, these simple yet extremely effective weights have a host of benefits over the traditional lead weights from their natural camouflage through to the obvious environmental benefits against toxic lead weights.

ICAST TrophyMike O’Neill, the new owner of Pallatrax Ltd stated, “This is fantastic news for us and adds to our patents in China and Europe. One of the major attractions within the Pallatrax portfolio, to me as both a businessman and an angler, was the Stonze and one of the main reasons for purchasing the company. With these patents and serious investment within the manufacturing and distribution by the OMM Group, anglers across the world will soon be able to appreciate the huge angling and environment benefits these weights offer.”

Simon Pomeroy, Managing Director of Pallatrax Ltd and the inventor of the Stonze® added, “2013 has already turned out to be the most important year in Pallatrax’s history to date and being granted the American patent is amazing – and the year has only just begun!

Since winning the award at ICAST it was obvious to us that the American angler was quick to identify and appreciate the positive aspects of our Stonze weights. Having the American patent, which we will vigorously protect, along with OMM’s resources, will now allow us to build on our business strategy within the American retail market and fulfil the want for the product of the ever increasing demand.”