Nick books another final place!

The third Shakespeare Championship qualifier of the season was another grueller for most of the competitors with roach conspicuous by their absence and tench featuring in all of the top three catches.

Two weeks before this match Worcester matchman Nick Young had booked his place in the Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship title by winning at Peg 48. This time he drew Peg 46 and won again, this time with 11-10-0, which comprised two big tench and two eels, all taken on a groundbait feeder fished well across the river.

Jon ArthurSecond place went to Match Fishing magazine Deputy Editor and Shakespeare team man Jon Arthur who continued his good run on the river circuit with 10-11-0 from unfancied peg 53 at the top of the dreaded straight at Hampton Ferry. Jon used flat float, stick float and waggler approaches to land a big tench plus perch, small chub and eels.      

Third spot fell to Ian Sutherland at Peg 42 on Hampton Ferry with 5-12-0, made up with a tench plus perch and eels.

Fourth place and top place on the Town Water stretch fell to Gloucester angler Phil Stone with 5-11-8 of perch and eels from Peg 40 and fifth went to Robert Goddard with a feeder caught 5-9-0 of eels and perch from Peg 36. 

1. Nick Young  (MAP) 11-10-0 (peg 46)
2. Jon Arthur (Match Fishing) 10-11-0 (peg 53)
3. Ian Sutherland (Land Rover) 5-12-0 (peg 42)
4. Phil Stone (Daiwa Gordon League) 5-11-8 (peg 40)
5. Robert Goddard (Bait Box) 5-9-0 (peg 36)
Qualifiers: Mal Thornton, Nick Young, Tim Kaye
Next qualifier – Sunday July 19th – bookings through Diana Raphael 0n 01386 442458

Nick Young
Nick Young