Wellsfield Trout Fishery

­Over 400 trout were caught over the week due to the increased stocking program.    The average trout size was 3lb 4oz with many fish in the 5lb – 10lb category. 

ONE RED £50 TAG WAS CAUGHT THIS WEEK: C Hardie (Falkirk) caught a £50 RED TAGGED Trout this week using buzzers.

Best Flies this week: Black/Green Fritz, Black Blob, Muddler Minnows, Yellow Dancer, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, PTN, Damsel Nymph. Best Bait: Green Powerbait, Worms, Maggots, Meppss.

FIFTEEN Troutmaster specimens over 5lb were caught this week:
13lb rainbow - R Nimmo (St Ninians)
11lb rainbow - B Wallace (Falkirk)
9lb rainbow  - B McKay (Grangemouth)
9lb rainbow  - J McGregor (Denny)
9lb rainbow  - J McGregor (Denny)
8lb rainbow –E  Sneddon (Grangemouth)
7lb rainbow  - B Sharp (St Ninians)
7lb rainbow - K McNie (Bannockburn)
7lb rainbow  - B Robertson (Cowie)
6lb rainbow - B Johnstone (Kilsyth)
6lb rainbow  - I Boyd (Glasgow)
6lb rainbow - R Davidson (Stirling)
5lb rainbow  - S Totten (St Ninians)
5lb rainbow - W Menzies (Bonnybridge)
5lb rainbow  - F Malcolm (Kirkintilloch)

13lb rainbow - R Nimmo (St Ninians)
13lb rainbow - R Nimmo (St Ninians)

Best Catches for this week:
B Wallace (Falkirk) 5 for 23lb, best 11lb rainbow,
E Sneddon (Grangemouth) 5 for 19lb, best 8lb rainbow,
F Sharp (Polmont) 5 for 17lb, best 4lb 8oz,
W Menzies (Bonnybridge) 5 for 16lb, best 5lb rainbow,
F Malcolm (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 8lb 5oz, best 5lb rainbow,
I King (Larbert) 5 for 15lb,
Thompson (Boness) 5 for 15lb,
J Liddle (Camelon) 5 for 15lb,
Lowrie (Airdrie) 4 for 12lb,
M Logan (Lanark) 4 for 9lb 12oz,
J Brogan (Airdrie) 6 for 20lb in 2 visits,
J MacGregor (Stirling) 4 for 11lb,
D Wilson (Tullibody) 4 for 9lb,
G Wright (Johnstone) 4 for 9lb,
B McKay (Grangemouth) 3 for 15lb, best 9lb rainbow,
J McGregor (Denny) 3 for 16lb 8oz, best 9lb rainbow,
R Nimmo (St Ninians) 3 for 23lb, best 13lb rainbow,
C Brown (Alloa) 3 for 12lb 8oz,
R Davidson (Stirling) 3 for 11lb 8oz, best 6lb rainbow,
B Sharp (St Ninians) 3 for 11lb, best 7lb rainbow,
K McNie (Bannockburn) 3 for 11lb, best 7lb rainbow,
S Totten (St Ninians) 3 for 11lb, best 5lb rainbow,
B Johnstone (Kilsyth) 3 for 11lb, best 6lb rainbow,
D Doig (Alloa) 3 for 10lb,
J Henderson (Stirling) 3 for 9lb 8oz, best 4lb 8oz rainbow,
J Dunsmore (Glasgow) 3 for 9lb 4oz,
D Craig (Alloa) 3 for 9lb,
B Eadie (Cowie) 3 for 8lb,
T Brown (Edinburgh) 3 for 8lb,
D Nicoll (Plean) 3 for 8lb,
B Burt (Denny) 3 for 8lb,
A Goodwin (Erskine) 3 for 7lb 8oz,
J McGill (Glasgow) 3 for 7lb,
A Hendry (Denny) 3 for 7lb,
F Malcolm (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 8lb 5oz, best 5lb rainbow,
M Mercer (Menstrie) 2 for 6lb 4oz,
P Hutton (Glenrothes) 2 for 6lb,
J Jarvie (S’Muir) 2 for 6lb,
J Pride (Clackmannan) 2 for 6lb,
J McGregor (Denny) 2 for 6lb,
R O’Connor (Slamannan) 2 for 6lb,
A Black (Tullibody) 2 for 6lb,
J Duffy (Queenzieburn) 2 for 6lb,
B Robertson (Cowie) 1 for 7lb rainbow,
I Boyd (Glasgow) 1 for 6lb rainbow,
S Hunter (Camelon) 1 for 4lb,
G Hutchison (Cumbernauld) 1 for 4lb.

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