Wellsfield Trout Fishery

Wellsfield Fishery had a busy week as the fishery is mostly ICE FREE and all 3 ponds are open for fly and bait fishing.  The ICE PREVENTION WAVE MACHINES & AERATORS have been on 24/7 since mid December. We have been and are fully committed to supplying angling to our customers.

The ponds have a huge number of fish in them for the time of year.  Many anglers bagged their limits this week as a result.  The key was fishing very deep and slow.  All Fly and Bait Ponds are open for fishing all winter 8am till 5pm, 7 days. 

Best Flies this week: Cormorant, Black/Green Nomad, Silver Humungus, Boodworm, Crafteye Cat.  Best Bait: Orange & Green Powerbait, Ledgered Worms and Maggots.

Best Catches for this week:
W Anderson (Kirkintilloch) 5 for 17lb, best 6lb rainbow,
D Watson (Clydebank) 5 for 16lb 8oz, best 5lb rainbow,
C Collins (Torrance) 5 for 16lb, best 4lb,
G Paterson (St Ninians) 5 for 15lb, best 5lb rainbow,
R Pilkington (Bridge of Allan) 5 for 15lb,
A Millar (Kilsyth) 5 for 15lb,
T Young (Kincardine) 4 for16lb, best 6lb rainbow,
G Clark (Bathgate) 4 for 14lb, best 5lb blue,
B Ogilvie (Alva) 4 for 13lb, best 3lb 12oz,
R Harrop (West Calder) 5 for 10lb,
A Perry (Alva) 4 for 16lb, best 6lb rainbow,
A Doyle (Boness) 4 for 13lb,
J Black (Bannockburn) 4 for 12lb,
J McCallum (Glasgow) 4 for 12lb,
P Clark (Plean) 4 for 10lb,
A Cooper (Stirling) 3 for 18lb, best 10lb 8oz rainbow,
J Hutchinson (Alloa) 3 for 11lb, best 6lb,
J Marshall (Stirling) 3 for 10lb 4oz, best 6lb rainbow,
C Duffy (Carron) 3 for 10lb,
J Brogan (Airdrie) 3 for 9lb 12oz,
A Whitton (Stirling) 3 for 9lb,
C McGregor (Livingston) 3 for 9lb,
B Robertson (Cowie) 3 for 9lb, best 5lb rainbow,
G Gray (Cumbernauld) 3 for 9lb,
A Knight (Wallyford) 3 for 8lb,
B Davidson (Stirling) 3 for 8lb,
K Foster (Stirling) 3 for 8lb,
D Stuart (Tullibody) 3 for 8lb,
J Thompson (Fallin) 3 for 8lb,
I Willis (Corssgates) 3 for 8lb,
R Loos (Stirling) 3 for 7lb 8oz,
G Holden (Stirling) 3 for 7lb,
C Meiklejohn (Cornton) 3 for 7lb,
C Gibson (Forth) 3 for 7lb,
B Forsyth (Whitburn) 3 for 7lb,
D McKinnon (West Calder) 3 for 7lb,
Falconer (Boness) 3 for 7lb,
J Marshall (Stirling) 3 for 7lb,
B Crooks (Bishopbriggs) 3 for 6lb 8oz,
D Bullen (Edinburgh) 3 for 6lb 8oz,
A Black (Tullibody) 2 for 9lb 8oz, best 6lb rainbow,
S Hamilton (Alloa) 2 for 7lb, best 4lb 8oz,
J Temporal (Denny) 2 for 7lb,
B Crooks (Bishopbriggs) 2 for 7lb,
J Campbell (Livingston) 2 for 7lb,
D Craig (Alexandria) 2 for 6lb 12oz,
S Butler (Stenhousemuir) 2 for 6lb 4oz,
G Ross (Stirling) 2 for 6lb,
J Hanlon (Bannockburn) 2 for 6lb,
E McNaught (Bonnybridge) 2 for 6lb,
A Connor (Sauchie) 2 for 6lb,
B Jackson (Coatbridge) 2 for 6lb,
H Betney (Coatbridge) 2 for 6lb,
M McConnell (Alexandria) 2 for 5lb 12oz,
A McLevie  (Larkhall) 2 for 5lb 12oz,
J Knox (Cowdenbeath) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
T Meechan (Wishaw) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
J Kennedy (Kilsyth) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
R Buchans (Fishcross) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
R Ure (Stirling) 2 for 5lb 4oz,
R Walker (Stirling) 2 for 5lb 4oz,
R Laird (Denny) 2 for 5lb,
W Caddis (Stirling) 2 for 5lb,
F Fragen (Lenzie) 2 for 5lb,
R McLaren (Denny) 2 for 4lb 8oz,
M Currie (Glasgow) 1 for 10lb 4oz rainbow,
R Moir (Dunblane) 1 for 10lb rainbow,
R Henderson (Denny) 1 for 4lb,
K Low (Coatbridge) 1 for 3lb 12oz,

Club Bookings, Corporate Days and Fly Fishing Lessons are now being taken for the 2010 season. Call 01324 822800 for more details or check out www.wellsfield.co.uk