Wellsfield Trout Fishery

All 3 lochans are fishing very well for fly and bait fishing.  The evening sessions continue 7 days per week 8am till 9pm for fly and bait fishing.  The weather has been ideal for top of the water sport fishing.

Many anglers bagged their fish limits using the correct methods for fly fishing or bait fishing.

Fish of the week was a 13b 8oz Rainbow Trout caught by Mr. J Henderson (Falkirk) in his bag of 3 fish for 19lb using mini-lures.

Best flies this week: Olive Tadpole, Hares Ear Nymph, Claret Hopper, Snatchers, Damsel Nymph, Epoxy Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, CDC’s and Traditional Wet Flies. Best Baits: Maggots, Worms and Small Mepps.

Best Catches for this week:
A McIntosh (Dullatur) 7 for 26lb 7oz, best 6lb 4oz rainbow,
W Murtha (Moodiesburn) 5 for 15lb,
A Walton (Falkirk) 5 for 15lb, inc. 3lb brown trout,
G Menzies (Bathgate) 5 for 15lb,
I Finlayson (Grangemouth) 5 for 15lb, best 4lb blue trout,
T Murray (Doune) 5 for 13lb,
L McGeorge (Glasgow) 4 for 15lb, best 6lb rainbow,
D Tait (Kirkintilloch) 4 for 13lb 4oz, best 4lb 4oz rainbow,
I McGregor (Doune) 4 for 12lb, best 5lb rainbow,
D Goodman (Stirling) 4 for 11lb 8oz,
R Murray (Tillicoultry) 4 for 11lb,
D Munro (Glenrothes) 4 for 10lb 4oz,
A Irvine (Stepps) 4 for10lb,
T Philp (Blairhall) 4 for 10lb,
J Brogan (Airdrie) 3 for 12lb, best 6lb rainbow,
J Jardine (Milton of Campsie) 3 for 10lb 4oz, best 5lb rainbow,
A Donaldson (Alloa) 3 for 10lb 2oz, best 4lb 2oz rainbow,
K Lowe (Larbert) 3 for 10lb, best 4lb rainbow,
B Robertson (Cowie) 3 for 9lb 12oz,
J Ballantyne (Tullibody) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
J McGuire (Kincardine) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
J Kennedy (Falkirk) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
P Halligew (Bonnybridge) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
I McDonald (Alva) 3 for 9lb 8oz,
D Barrie (Bonnybridge) 3 for 9lb,
S Murray (Doune) 3 for 9lb,
A Dunsmore (Larkhall) 3 for 9lb,
M Morrison (Airdrie) 3 for 8lb 12oz,
J Kirkwood (Kirkintilloch) 3 for 8lb 4oz,
J Murphy (Blairhall) 3 for 8lb,
P Rosiskey (Alloa) 3 for 7lb 12oz,
W Stovanivich (Sauchie) 3 for 7lb,
R Cadona (Glasgow) 3 for 7lb,
D Brown (Glenrothes) 2 for 9lb, best 6lb rainbow,
A Couper (Stirling) 2 for 7lb 8oz, best 4lb 8oz rainbow,
R Marshall (Plean) 2 for 7lb, best 4lb rainbow,
R Paterson (Sauchie) 2 for 6lb 4oz,
A Dobbie (Falkirk) 2 for 6lb 4oz,
J Irvine (Glasgow) 2 for 6lb,
J Thompon (Fallin) 2 for 6lb,
A Binnie (Grangemouth) 2 for 6lb,
W Caddiss (Stirling) 2 for 6lb,
L McKay (Dunipace) 2 for 6lb,
J Savage (Moodiesburn) 2 for 6lb,
E Lunny (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 6lb,
C McGowan (Stirling) 2 for 6lb,
K Lowe (Larbert) 2 for 6lb,
G McFall (Torrance) 2 for 6lb,
J Hardwick (Falkirk) 2 for 6lb,
J Sneddon (Falkirk) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
D Cairns (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
I Roberts (Stirling) 2 for 5lb 8oz,
G Reid (Glasgow) 2 for 5lb,
J McCormack (Stirling) 2 for 5lb,
C Sharp (Bannockburn) 2 for 5lb,
R Whiteside (Glasgow) 2 for 5b,
S Kerr (Menstrie) 2 for 5lb,
G Richardson (Blantyre) 1 for 4lb rainbow,
M Mercer (Menstrie) 1 for 4lb rainbow,
M Smart (Campsie) 1 for 4lb,
J Thompson Jnr (Fallin) 1 for 4lb,
J Crossan (Bonnybridge) 1 for 4lb,
D Huskisson (Cumbernauld) 1 for 2lb brown trout.

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Wellsfield Trout Fishery
J Jardine (Milton of Campsie) 5lb Rainbow on a Black Buzzer at Wellsfield Trout Fishery