Witton Castle Lakes

Witton Castle Lakes welcomed 64 anglers who enjoyed some sport on the fly. With the wet weather the rod average is 2.15.

Fishery officer John Renshaw reports: 'Fish are feeding on and just below the surface and the West lake has consistently performed during the week for visiting anglers. Mr Mckenna caught a 10lb rainbow and Mr Alexicia a 13lb 3oz rainbow both from West Lake. Biggest bags were also caught on the West Lake.'

Must-have flies in your box this week have to be: Hares ear, CDC, black zonker and plain buzzers.

Junior coach Cliff Johnston reports: 'Saturday 16th June saw seven enthusiastic members of the junior club braving one of the wettest days of this year in order to improve their angling skills. The morning was spent developing their casting prowess whilst trying out new methods of fishing buzzers. Everyone present  enjoyed this session and all were surprised to see how small changes to their tactics improved their chances of catching fish.
The afternoon saw the enthusiasm and dedication continue as they competed against each other to see who could catch the biggest fish. The weather conditions were not helpful but several good fish were hooked, but some were lost before they were netted. At the end of the session the first prize, a free days fishing, went jointly to Ben Morris and Harry Johnson. All are to be commended on the way they stuck to their task, whilst most adult anglers were heading for the indoors. Finally, a few phone calls to parents ensured that the members were able to travel home in warm dry clothes, with a smile on their faces and good memories of an enjoyable day'.

The British Fly Casting Club wil be attending the lakes Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July. Anglers wishing to book tuition or would like to find out more information please contact Anne Woodcock on 01388 488691.

Northern heat of Greys TEFF National Bank championships will be held at Witton Castle Lakes Sunday 1st July. To book your place please contact the fishery officers.

The tagged fish still remains elusive and the prize total stands at £195, for the lucky angler who slips his net underneath it.

The lakes new website has links to Facebook, Twitter and new for 2012 Witton’s rainbow action on Youtube.

Fishery officers John and Stewart can be contacted on the following Tel: 01388 488691