Latest version of World Almanac released

Winchester, UK (7th August 2006) - Douglas Software, announced today the release of version 4.3.0 of its World Almanac software that accurately calculates the location of the sun and the moon at anytime, anywhere in the world - an essential tool for photographers, anglers, lunar gardeners and astronomers everywhere.

The World Almanac provides detailed information for both the sun and the moon including lunar phases for any date between January 1900 and December 2049. In this latest version of the program, users can now animate the sky to show the sun and the moon on a horizon view for any given location, time and date. This helps users to visualise how the relationship between the sun and moon will look in reality.

Originally designed for photographers to enable them to accurately gauge the perfect light conditions depending on the photo they wish to take, The World Almanac has developed a much wider appeal in recent years. For anglers who fish by the solunar calendar and for lunar gardeners that plant when water levels are at their highest, the World Almanac eliminates the need for complex calculations to provide accurate data for any location, at anytime.

"For photographers making the most of the sun's special light qualities and knowing the angle that the light will fall is an essential part of taking a good photo, but it takes planning," says Douglas Green, Managing Director and founder of Douglas Software. "For instance, one of the best times to take a photo of the moon is just after sunset at a time when the moon rises early in the evening. This obviously isn't an everyday occurrence, but our software enables users to easily discover when these occasions happen at a given location."

The World Almanac provides a comprehensive set of features that enables users to adjust the settings to suit their needs. The compass can be switched from its default setting of sixteen points to the Azimuth, the twilight setting can be altered to show civil, nautical or astronomical and the auto magnetic variation function can be switched off when data outside of the years 2005 to 2010 is required.

The programme is initially supplied with the data for a number of locations which are intended as a guide and can be deleted or amended as required. In addition a number of .csv files are supplied containing data for over 1600 locations including the UK, USA, Canada and Australasia. Users can create their own database of locations or enter in a single location by providing a few basic details including latitude, longitude, height and time zone.

Pricing and availability
The World Almanac is available now from and costs $39.00
A demo version of the product is available here: