The Power Of A Good Bait Recipe

I’m sure most carp anglers start off their specimen hunting days using shop bought ready-made boilies. These baits are very convenient, relatively cheap in small amounts and effective fish catchers. The number of different manufacturers and flavours found in tackle shops illustrate just how popular boilies are. Once anglers have started catching consistently on boilies

Fiddling With Yer Tackle

Rosie always has a job selecting the right rod! With the start of the so-called close season I began to think about tradition. There seems to be less and less of it about, these days. I admit to being dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century – born too late, that’s me – but

Martin James – Angling Star

There can't be many keen anglers in the North-West who haven't listened to Martin James on BBC Radio Lancashire's ‘From the Water's Edge' at some time or another.  The show has a huge catchment area and can be picked up in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria, West Yorkshire and of course, Lancashire. It's broadcast on

My Introduction To Fly Fishing

I landed the first fish that I'd ever hooked on a fly yesterday. No, I wasn't fishing a Scottish river or an English brook - I was at Jacklands Fish Farm in Nailsea, near Bristol. "Whaaaaaaatttt?" say the purists, "That's not fly-fishing. Trout in a puddle. Disgraceful!" Or is it? These fish fight all the

The Mallard Sweater

When an item of clothing makes the transgression from the world of sailing to our world of angling, it often means that it is bulky and bright orange, with comfort and safety being the primary factors when at sea. Well, the Mallard Sweater from MaxMarine is certainly comfortable, but bright orange it isn't! However, the