Kebabs…..Just Say NO!!!

It's this time of year when the rivers in my area are worth putting in some real effort as the fish are in great condition and have put on some serious weight since the summer. Not only are the fish worth catching, but winter water levels mean they are actually catchable! A bit of extra

Fishing Frozen Rivers

How to catch fish in the extreme cold

Thoughts On Braid

I am not very technically minded so what follows are opinions not scientific facts. I first encountered braided lines when a couple of friends started to use braided main lines for Pike fishing. Whilst I could see the advantage for very long range fishing, most of my Pike fishing is river or boat fishing and

Carp From Big Waters

How do I catch carp from a big water which holds relatively few fish? The first job is to spend time getting to know the topography of the water, ideally via a boat (never, ever go in a boat without wearing a lifejacket) and an echo-sounder. The next best option is a boat and "prodding

The Syndicate (A Preview)

I guess in the beginning we were much like any of the hundreds of carp fishing syndicates up and down the country. Just a small group of enthusiastic individuals who had achieved the ambition to run and own a small lake for the benefit of like minded fishermen. Our own little angling Mecca, to do,