Leon's Hook Tube

I've always tied my own hooks. That way, I know exactly the quality and attributes of the hooklength. Pre-tying hooks means less fumbling around at the bankside, especially when my tiny fingers are frozen. The problem then has been keeping the pre-tied hooks tidy, and the hooklength unkinked. I started by wrapping the lengths around

Trundling By Pete Tesch

At the beginning of this season it was decided by Steve Smith and myself to concentrate on a particular stretch of the Kennet, to see what results could be obtained. The venue concerned, we knew held a good head of Barbel and was likely to throw up a surprise or two, it also is a

Rules Rule, OK!

Some years ago, when I lived just outside Reading, I spent quite a lot of my fishing time on Burghfield Pits. One late afternoon, as I was tackling-up for an evening session, the club bailiff asked to see my permit - which I showed to him. "I hope you don't intend staying the night," he

Home Rolled Lure Fishing

The stick float bobbed and twisted in the current where the tiny river Len empties over the weir into Mote Park Lark, in Maidstone. Weeks before, I had watched the bream as they spawned in the current. Now a shoal of perch were feeding, attracted by the hatching fry. Suckers for a stick floated worm.

Kebabs…..Just Say NO!!!

It's this time of year when the rivers in my area are worth putting in some real effort as the fish are in great condition and have put on some serious weight since the summer. Not only are the fish worth catching, but winter water levels mean they are actually catchable! A bit of extra