Thanks B. V.

I was actually going to get some time to go fishing! Both daughters were planning to be out late, which means that they won't appear until about 1pm, and David was off to a concert. Brenda could have a long lie in and I could be up early, and sneaking quietly out of the door

Carp Fishing In Winter

Carp fishing in winter can be somewhat of a daunting prospect and when Dick Walker wrote his Still Water Angling back in the fifties they were thought to be virtually uncatchable at that time. It was though, in the sixties when a few dedicated anglers started to fish for them, sometimes during arctic conditions, to

From The Privvy – Chapter Nine

Big Fish Fish that avoid capture are far more common than we imagine. I know of several fish in various lakes that don't get caught. Not all of them are large fish but, of course, some of them are. Some are never seen, some are seen occasionally and some swim round for all to see,

Chub In The Cold

We are now coming to the end of the worst winter I can remember for fishing the rivers. The rivers, for the most part, have been bank high and sometimes over the bank. Normally slow flowing rivers like the Eastern Rother have been running so fast it has been impossible to hold bottom, even with

November 1999 Update

Any real Anglers' Net enthusiasts will notice that another few months have passed since I last contributed to the site, and that this is the second time I've used school and exams as an excuse for not fishing or writing. Now I'm sure you'd all love to hear how I've been getting on in my