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Out of the Blue / On Fishing at Sea

Chris Yates

The River Prince

Edited by Chris Yates

Go Fishing Show 2009

Browning Cudmore Fishery near Newcastle in Staffordshire

Modern Lure Fishing by Barrie Rickards

I was lucky enough to find this book under the Christmas tree last year.  Heaven knows how my wife managed to get a copy so quickly, as it had only been published a week or so earlier! Barrie’s latest offering features a foreword by John Wilson and drawings by Rebecca Lyne.  The book follows the

The RANSOM and The Syndicate: Part VI

If you'd told me nine years ago that I'd be sitting here, writing a review of Mark Cunnington's latest 'Syndicate' book, I probably wouldn't have believed you. I'd have wanted to believe you, but years of reading fishing forums made me think that many anglers would rather buy a few magazines a month and moan