FeedStimulants customer has a fantastic session

Regular FeedStimulants customer Daniel Green recently sent in a catch report using boilies that he made up using a recipe that they had posted up on their Facebook page a while ago.  The recipe is included in the photo and most of the ingredients are available on their website www.feedstim.com

Daniel was fishing a big pit and baited quite heavily with the boilies that he had made and fished at around 40 yards with 3 rods one of which was on top of a bar, the second about half way down the back of the bar and the third close to the bottom of the back of the bar.


This wasn't an easy water so any fish was going to be a good result.  On the third day of his seven day stay Daniel caught a very nice 44lb 4oz fish and felt quite confident of another fish during his stay.  On the fifth day he had another take but unfortunately the fish spat the hook out sixty seconds into the fight.

Daniel also gave his friend about 5-7 kg to a friend to try on a tricky little club water and he managed to put a upper twenty on the bank first time out with it. Needless to say he was over the moon.