Shimano Dialuna XR S900ML 9′ 6-26g Lure Rod

Henry Gilbey has just posted this short YouTube clip of his friend Mark Quinton giving the Shimano Dialuna XR S900ML 9' 6-28g lure rod a proper 'larrop' (apparently this is a technical casting term). Henry says that if this rod is anything to go by he hopes to see plenty more from Shimano and wonders

Junior Angler Jordan Mahoney shares his session

Hello everyone , Last week my dad dropped me off at meadow view fisheries in Statham Cheshire. On arrival I was the first angler on the complex and so I had every peg to choose from and by looking at the wind direction I chose to fish Linnet pool peg 11 which had 2 beautiful

Preparing your own Tiger Nuts

Right there are basically two ways to prepare tiger nuts and I'm not going to say which is the best as there are equal amounts of people on each side who will argue that one method is better than the other. What I will say however is that I have had equally good results on

The latest issue of Anglers Mail

THIS week’s print copy of Angler’s Mail magazine exclusively reveals the FREE BAIT that tench go wild for!   John Bailey is seen on the cover with one of over 90 chunky tench that came after he switched to a magic bait. Find out all about it in his exclusive column.   Also inside the must-read Angler's

FeedStimulants customer has a fantastic session

Regular FeedStimulants customer Daniel Green recently sent in a catch report using boilies that he made up using a recipe that they had posted up on their Facebook page a while ago.  The recipe is included in the photo and most of the ingredients are available on their website www.feedstim.com Daniel was fishing a big