LOST for a Christmas idea for keen fisherman this year? Why not buy a Practical Present  which would bring a smile to any fisherman’s face! International development charity Practical Action has the perfect solution – why not buy a ‘fish cage’ for a family in Bangladesh?  Each year the country floods, washing away precious land, meaning people are often left without a livelihood or home.

By providing simple cages, made from bamboo and netting, people can breed fish; providing families with a protein rich diet and the means to lift themselves out of poverty.
The charity’s ‘Practical Presents’ scheme allows people to choose unique and clever gifts which can vastly improve people’s quality of life, now and in the future.
Other gifts such as ‘Tiny trees’ which produce the Baobob fruit provides communities in Sudan with three times more Vitamin C than an orange, are also on offer. The bark can also be woven into clothing or rope to sell.

Fish Cage‘Terrific tools’ which help Nepalese farmers cultivate their fields to ‘seeds of life’ - which help communities in Zimbabwe grow tomatoes, beans, onion and maze are just some of the other gifts you could buy this Christmas.

The brand new Practical Presents catalogue and website is packed with innovative gifts which aim to benefit people in the developing world. Prices start from just £8.

Stephen Harvey, Practical Action’s Head of Public Fundraising, said: “Keen fishermen will love our fish cages in Bangladesh; it shows how simple solutions really do help communities.
“Two thirds of people have said they would rather receive one less Christmas gift and have a charitable donation made instead. Buying a Practical Present will mean your friends and family still receive a gift, while knowing it really is making someone’s life better.”

As well as a special gift card to personalise the present, shoppers will also receive photographs and details of the Practical Present.