Stewart Wilson shares his session at SouthCarvan

So last night I had a few hours down southcarvan . The lake was pretty quiet and only had a few anglers  during the day however everyone caught really well in the hot temperatures. I only took the one rod down and fished on the surface with dog biscuits. When I arrived the lad in

3FT Twitch owner Richard Easom goes carp fishing

I've not done much carp fishing in my angling lifetime, except I guess for jaunts to France fishing their highly commercialised venues. I must admit though, this doesn't inspire me as much as the wild, weedy nature that these big gravel pit waters are often accustomed to. After my dibacle last season start where I

Handmade Floats by Ian Lewis

If you're a fan of handcrafted fishing products it is well worth having a look at these handmade fishing floats by Ian Lewis.  His eBay shop is available here --> although we will have a closer look at a couple of our favourite ones in a minute. The first float that we will have

Dale Thomas tells us about his season start day

Been a good start to the season for me on the Lower/Tidal Severn, cast out at midnight opening night after spombing a mixture of 3 FootTwitch assorted boilies and Monster Mix with extra added rock salt to help keep it fresh. Before I could cast the second rod the first went off, unfortunately lost it

Incredibly clear water bass fishing

Chris Bulaw fishes in Northern Michigan for smallmouth bass.  Look at how clear that water is that he is fishing in!! (we aren't jealous much) This is just one of many incredible videos on Chris's Youtube channel.  Chris puts a lot of effort into his videos and the work he puts in definitely shows through