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Cheap Rod Bands!

Hair bands are good for holding made up rods together in transit. You still lose the occasional one, but they are a fraction of the price of rod /lead bands. Budgie

Sunken Float Paternoster

The sunken float paternoster rig is an extremely effective method of presenting a static live bait. If you’re fishing from a boat how do you detect takes? Some people try using a surface float, but it must be set to the exact depth if not the rig will not fish properly. All very well and

Totally Free Running Ledger

When using free running ledger rigs where you do not want any resistance, use a nylon curtain ring instead of a swivel to attach your ledger link to the main line. The greater diameter will help cause less resistance. If you use a small (1/2 inch) Poly ball as a stop for the curtain ring

Black Tipped Floats

We have all heard the brilliant tip of colouring your float tip with a black marker pen if the light makes the original fluro colour hard to see. The only problem is that you can’t get the stuff off and end up with a float box full of black tipped floats! Instead, when you want

Floating Line

Make sure your main line floats when surface fishing! You would be surprised how many anglers don’t. Braid is superb for this. Budgie