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Exmouth Days

My clock/radio alarm woke me just as the 6.00am news was starting, but I had no interest in that, my mind was on other things. I wanted to hear the weather forecast and so, in the mean time, I looked at the tent walls and was pleased to se that there was no movement in

Confessions of a Specimen Hunter

A news item in several papers recently caught my eye, it was about the tragic drowning of some children who were in a car which rolled in to the Blue Lagoon at Arlesey in Bedfordshire. It is a long time since the name of that village has come to mind, but some forty odd years

A Change In Venues

Although my first real attempts at catching fish were in the North Sea, I became a freshwater angler when my parents moved to Luton, which is just about as far from the sea as one can get in England. However, my love for sea fishing never left me, and once I had some decent transport,

The Distant Past

In the late 1950’s I paid my first visit to Tring Reservoirs, and although it appeared to be an inauspicious event at the time, it was one that influenced a great deal of my fishing for many years after it. I had heard of the huge bags of bream that had been taken in the