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If You Don't Ask…!

Don't be afraid to ask your tackle shop if they have any old stock floats to get rid of. They can be cheap and work the same. Graham E  

Organic Bait Stops

Rather than pay for plastic stops for bait, that may be harmful if digested by fish, use a blade of dried grass on the bend of the hook. Graham E  

Hooks For Soft Baits

When using a soft bait use longshank hooks to allow better hook retention and the ability to increase bait size. Graham E  

Trotting Along

This is a basic tip, but one many anglers ignore or forget. When trotting and catching fish that then appear to stop feeding, try a significant change to depth over and shallow. It often brings the best fish. Graham E  


It was just a normal Friday night, Pete was there with his friends in the Queen's Arms. After the fifth pint the conversation turned to Angling. Pete switched off, glanced at the thirtysomething barmaid and imagined some erotic games for them to play later. "Some wish," he thought. "What about you Pete?", Greg broke into