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REELax Fishing Charters, Sweden

Review by Andy Nicholson, June 2008

Fladen Maxximus Solid Carbon Ice Pike Rod

I have been aware of the Fladen Ice Pike rod for some time, my son and daughter each have one of the original models, his in fluorescent green and hers pink of course. They have been great for the kids using them to catch mackerel and scad from dads kayak. With the arrival a couple

Penn CV8000 Reel

10 Trip Review By Gordon Goldie I'm not the kind of person who uses something (or meets someone) once and then formulates a lifelong opinion. On some occassions in life - this has been a failing on my part as I either; a) Continue using something that's absolutley rubbish or wrong for the job and

FishyRob’s ‘D-Vice’

Review by Ada What better name …. a device, gizmo, gadget, whatever which actually WORKS!!!It reminds me, a bit, of the 80s vintage (Intakl) BAITSAFE  designed by Ted Thwaites of Beccles; but there the similarity ends ….. The D-Vice – First, it isn't a swimfeeder. It's designed to put delicate baits – lug, rag, white

Korum Lightweight Accessory Chair

After a lifetime of fishing the riverbanks of Kent, in what could be called a traditional way, I decided that the life of the traveling man was called for, so targeting Chub up and down the banks of The Beult, The Medway and The Rother required for me one important item, a lightweight chair. I