Do you know the maker or age of this reel marked "Columbiam NO 62"

If you know anything about it, please contact us.



We received the following from Jarck Van Vuuren:
"Concerning that reel, I think it was made during the 60`s. I cant be sure, but I know one thing – the bail arm the spool as well as the drag which is based on the top of the spool are part design of the old Mitchell reels. My grandfather gave me an old Mitchell reel,that’s how I recognised part of the make, especially that bail arm. I’m certain of it. I have never come across any over reel with that kind of bail arm. I think if you where to ask someone or a collector who collects Mitchell reels my theory might be correct.
Best of luck

And another email from Peter:
"I bought one of these reels in 1962/3. It was made in Japan and as your other correspondent said, it carries many of the hallmarks of the old Mitchells. He’s right. The Japanese are not great inventors, but they are great copiers.

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