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    Its not immoral its just illegal to buy (strange the "land of the free "has so many laws banning you from doing things)nothing to stop you eating your horse ,they go to canada or mexico for their last holiday where they are appreciated ,or possibly in the past to us for a certain lasagne (wink)
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    Your looking through your eyes and in the 21st century ,if witch burning and slavery were not seen as moral back then crowds wouldnt have formed at a witch burning and land owners wouldnt have had slaves as it would have been immoral then! Even hangings drew crowds until the very last public one it was perfectly moral in its time Even now things are moral in countries that are not here ,we tend to get in big trouble forcing our morals down other peoples throats!
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    You're right Ant, 20 years young! I was one of the first to join, on February 19th, and almost immediately became a moderator. Technically I was 'involved' with AN before it even started. At the time Elton, myself, and many others were on the rec.fishing.coarse.uk chat group (ethernet?) where I'd be replying to requests on where to fish. Then Elton contacted me to ask if I'd like to manage the fisheries database on a website he's hoping to make. I agreed, and the rest is history.
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    Cory, First, the event is certainly a good deterrent for the dead chap. Your logic is misplaced. The death penalty would be far more effective if it was conducted in the town square. Everyone asks how to justify. No one asks whether to justify. Having the death penalty and using it properly are two entirely different matters. I believe death to be a once in a lifetime experience. Whether to justify the death of the criminal is easy for me, whatever serves the greatest good for the greatest number, it is the moral choice. Should you extrapolate your facts based on the data you provided instead of 300 million guns we would have 3 billion guns in private ownership. YES people with guns kill people. As for my religious brethren, "Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord" I choose not to judge for I am far from perfect Phone
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