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  1. Im just wondering, about the DNA thing. lets say the pigs did eat her, they are his pigs at his farm.. now the bit i dont know is, if your are eaten, and after a day, the pigs the do the natural thing of going to the toilet..would her DNA be about still.... Just a thought as i dont know much about the subject....maybe longtrotter would know abit more about this. sean
  2. i agree with what you said, i also think the numbers caught seems pretty low, as shown on posts on the forum from other members who have been concerned about illegal fish taking, from all parts of the country, to which i would guess they too have no license. so lets say these people pay the fines, that would then emlpoy another EA officer and so on catch more and then pay for another officer. so like the speed cameras we love to hate, they become self funding. Like you said about the level of fines, i have been checked once in 30 years, i sometimes fish three rods, i have two rod licen
  3. I didnt mind spending the 20. its worth it for the laugh, my wife can now call herself a lady, and we have a cat called princess, which she adores, the fishing thing does not appeal as im not into that sort of thing. but the wife is great where my fishing is concerned, if i need it get it. sean
  4. Thats the one i have been recommended by the vet, it sounds good. an £80.00 excess, which is not to bad. sean
  5. look here what do you reckon to this, all for £20.00 my wife bought one, just to say she owned a bit. sean
  6. Im looking for a good company to insure our cat, there are so many out there, but has any on used one, and could recommend one. Our cat princess means the world to my wife, and heavens forbid, if something should happen, i would like things to go smoothly for her. our vet mentioned one, but then like alot of things, you dont know if there is some commision based thing involved, and whether they are really good or not. so i thought the best people to ask would be you guys, if you have been unfortunate to have had to use one. regards sean
  7. pheasants. looks just like the one that just came out of a hedge in from of my car a couple years back. sean
  8. looked away, the wall moved a bit, looked back at my comp screen, and i think its full of water lol. good one sean
  9. I wonder if that was his own fly, could have got quite nasty if it was someone elses and they continued the cast into the water. Ouch sean
  10. Jan you really need to get your own name an pic on,,, when replying and all i can see is newt, god bless him, i would rather see you when replying lol newts the best guy. sean
  11. I was having a great conversation with an american friend online. We talked over the usual differences, like health service and politics, the price of petrol here and that sort of thing. Then we got onto sport...football he had a vague idea, when i started to call it soccer. But the the crunch sport came, when he talked about baseball, great game i watched it every week through the season.. I then went on to try and tell him about cricket....11 a side, 6 balls an over, that part he understood no problem.. The parts that he could not understand was...the game starts at 11am. t
  12. s_mac


    After you have posted 15 post, all will work fine, and you can enjoy this great forum with some very good advice. anyway, welcome to the forum sean
  13. My worst job was a cleaner of a night club on the ilse of whight. Was ok till it came to the toilets lol. sean
  14. So if i have a 2.75 test curve rod, £30.00, that will cast the same as a 2.75 test curve rod of £200.00 lets say sean
  15. s_mac


    I think im my opinion, its supply and demand, and if the demand is there, i think most fish could be farmed for the pot, rather than taken from waters for the pot. Lets keep the stock levels good in our waters so we can enjoy this great sport of ours. I am a fish monger and probaly half the fish we sell these days are farmed. rather than taken as free fish as some people call them. sean
  16. s_mac


    The polish are probaly one of the biggest carp eaters, its their xmas dinner, where we have turkey, they have carp, and keep one of the scales from the carp, pop it into there purse or wallet as a good luck token for the year, probably like us with the wish bone on turkey. sean
  17. I have read all the posts, and i am also a novice carp angler, someone mentioned about the casting distance, would this not be down to the test curve of a rod, and not down to the price of it. just wondering sean
  18. We wont see him hang, we will be lucky if that happens. First of all, they will appeal and appeal. also, he is being tried for other cases, which have already started and are in progress, which means nothing will happen till those cases are resolved, then they will come up on appeal. and they a will appeal again and again. He will die in one way or the other before that really happens. sean
  19. Im just wondering one thing. We dont put bullets on sale Its illegal i guess to make a bomb. You cant take liquids on planes. we are more carefull of selling gas, or solvents to minors, if one person is fataly killed while crossing the road, we put up speed cams. All of the above we take strong measures to stop. While on bonfire night, and the run up to it, many children are injured and loose fingers, eye sights and the likes. and stretch emergency services to the limit. So why not ban the sale of fire works, unless its for a display, and by a licensed person. sean
  20. After all the good advice that every one has given you....pratice makes perfect as they say. The one thing you will have to overcome, the main thing that will fail you is......Nerves. Overcome that, use common sense, and you will have no problem. Oh yes, and keep your test date quiet, saves putting pressure on yourself to pass. sean
  21. fished my local canal this morning, had some nice roach, when i could get past the gudgeon, i must have had 30 or 40. but for the size of them, they fight like a half pound roach. so im making my dream fish, a 5lb gudgeon. pound for pound they have to be one off the best fighting fish. sean
  22. hi brownie points. i have nver been pike fishing, but im getting into it this year through the anglers net members, i took the advice of experienced members, and have found someone to show me the ropes before i even think about going alone. should you still decide to got it alone after the advice given, i think you will loose all those brownie points on anglers net. best thing i could advise, is that you post, for help and some one to show you the ropes on here, there are many on here willling to help, and im sure you will find someone to fish with in your area. then next year
  23. I would also like to say thanks elton, im fairly new, but will be around to see the 20k member. Best site on the net by far, and the best members. sean
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