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  1. when I was in a kid, the birmingham fish market sold roach and bream, not sure if they still do butyou could see whole stands full of them.
  2. Most pike eaten in France are imported from The eastern block, Latvia export many 100's of tons of pike (and snails) to France, it is an important export for there economy, Most of the pike come from the Baltic sea, were they are netted along with sea trout, salmon, cod, perch, mackerel and wolf fish. The Baltic pike are in no danger of over fishing, they are fished for less now than in the soviet era. (The cod is a different story) The Fish in the French supermarkets are undoubtedly these fish, I am sure many local French anglers catch and eat there own, but the housewife or House Husband w
  3. The biggest I have caught is about a 1lb, but I am sure there are larger fish, they are the prettiest fish with the most amazing colour, I have posted pictures of them here before, I just marvel at them and for that reason enjoy catching them. but if its big fish you want then the perch are big, the lake record caught in 2004 is 5lb 2 oz
  4. About 10 years ago one of the fly fishing magazines gave away a first aid hook removing kit, it contains anti septic wipes, bandage, dressing and a very cool tool to pull hooks out, it holds the hook at exactly the right angle to pull it out. I have had this in my fly kit since I received it and as yet have never had the opportunity to use it (which is a good thing) I have never seen these kits for sale but judging by the replies here it would seem to make sense that we all carried on in each of our kits be it fly, sea, course etc...
  5. I don't know who you hang out with or your own moral standards but I reckon most on hear have not committed fraud. And I would also suggest that most have never committed a criminal offence. The majority of the population as you put it are “as pure as the driven snow” So when we see a high profile Angler committing not one but two offences we get rattled. He is a fool and should have any privilege afforded him by his celebrity status removed.
  6. Hi I can recommend http://www.mortonspringscoarsefishing.co.uk/ It’s in Warwickshire, near the Worcester/ west midlands boarders This is based at Roylands Farm, it is a very quite location and the angling during the week is quite, Roylands Farm has holiday cottages to let, the farmer is about the same age as your dad and a nice old chap. Good fishing, easy access, The local surroundings are very beautiful and when you are fishing the only sounds are those of the sheep and cattle, you don't hear cars or traffic of any kind, and it is an ideal location for your dad. The added b
  7. Anyone else intrested? otherwise it will be a none starter I guess
  8. I was in West Bay Dorset last week, went in a great shop, Sea gear, game gear and course gear. Fresh bait for both sea and course, loads of carp gear, lots of good advice and they also ran charter boats daily. The place was busy with a mix of locals and tourist. Location was the key; the harbour was packed with tourist fishing and locals fishing the high water. All the local beaches had shore anglers fishing for rays, bass and dog fish. loads of boats in the harbour going out fishing (with rod and line) I am sure he can make a living in the winter from the locals but must cream it in, i
  9. That looks like it should wag its tail turn its head and start singing!!!
  10. There are plenty of big roach in Sweden and thats even further north!!
  11. That is indeed food for thought Anderoo, I remember the first time another Angler pointed out to me that I should use an unhooking Mat for pike; I was embarrassed and went a bought one the next day. I had not even heard of an unhooking Mat at the time. On the other hand live baiting has never embarrassed me.
  12. well I didn't know, well you never know who your talking with on a forum. thanks Intrested in my idea?
  13. Why don't we have a "GOLDEN MAGGOT COMPETION?" It would be great perhaps we could get some sponsorship interest?? and do it for charity I would enter with my brother as a pair, it could be 72 hours or 48 you could text photos of your catch to a Judge (who could post on the forum), and you would need to be issued with an Anglers net sign that must be in the photo, issued at the start of the comp. Freedom to fish anywhere legal, course, game or sea, or it could be in two sections course and game, sea and game. Each team pays in a fee which goes to charity with a trophy for the winners. A
  14. The program was defiantly called the golden maggot at some point, ( I can remember to title sequence) But now I seem to be having memories coming back, I was only 12- 13 at the time, I think the first series was called “The fishing race” and the second series in Sweden was called “The golden maggot”. I now remember the zoo episode now it’s been mentioned, I also recall the topless girl (properly gave me reasons to have fantasies for months at such an impressionable age, topless girls and fishing, powerful stuff for a 13 year old) I now remember Gareth Edwards being in the show as he wa
  15. Who remembers the TV program from the 70’s called “the golden maggot”? I would love to know who the anglers were as I don’t remember. I remember the contest was to catch as many species of fish in a given time, and at one point someone fished in a garden pond for goldfish and koi. Does anyone have a better memory than me and could fill in a bit more detail. I was quite young at the time but I do remember how much I enjoyed it and the whole family watched it each week (I was the only angler in my family) and thought it was great. I would also love to see a remake, perhaps BBC (who I
  16. I may be wrong but I seem to remember Matt Hayes fly-fishing somewhere in a welsh lake for smallmouth Bass.!! Maybe I dreamed it!
  17. Bubbles can be really tricky to read, some weeds get covered in bubbles as they Photosynthesis under water. If a fish brushes the weed it sends up a cloud of tiny pin prick bubbles, this can be mistaken for fish feeding, I have seen this in very clear water lakes, if the water had been coulored I would have sworn fish were feeding in my swim.
  18. You could also try fishing over depth, with your bulk shoot on the bottom, lay yhe line down river so the hook is in frount of the float, hold back the float and just wait for it to go under, if your fishing for gudgeon then they will find the bait and be happy to take it static of the bottom.
  19. a 1lb pearch is more than big enough, the trick is not to fillet it but cook it whole and debone it after its cooked, loads of meat. I have had a very pleasent meal with 3 x 1/2 peaqrch sevred whole on the pleate. I have also had smoked perch of all sizes. (including some real tiddlers, these having been netted in the baltic sea and then smoked by the fisherman before selling them on the side of the road, they are to die for you just pull it apart with your fingers and have a chunk of bread with it. Latvian fast food!!
  20. I have also had small bubbles from a big roach I thought it was tench also but after about 5 roach and no tench I could only come to one conclustion
  21. arh but put a hook and line anywere near a mullet and it will compleatly ignore your bait.
  22. It doesn't mention gudgeon though. I tried to google a recipe for you, but failed, and I can't find my Mrs Beeton. I think you will find that a goujon (as in gojon of place breaded fried and served with Tartar sauce) Originally was Gudgeon. These were breaded and fried similar to whitebait head and all. Goujon being the French for Gudgeon. (someone might want to correct me if i am wrong) Goujon is now used to mean any Gudgeon size piece of white fish. Apparently they are very tasty, if my memory serves me right I think the observer book of British fresh water fish makes reference t
  23. John I never used them, I have seen them used though in the 70's (by a very well know pike fisherman of the time and others), why? No idea I presume because they stood out. All the above practises were not carried out by me but have been observed at some point in the past. The topic I believe is about old practises no longer used.
  24. I don't know about Poland ( I saw one tv program were they caught very little and it was put down to fish being taken, this however is not really conclusive evedence that there rivers and lakes are empty, if they are how come there are so many polish fishermen ?) but I lived in Latvia for 7 years, all fish caught are eaten regardless of type and size. The rivers and lakes however are full of fish. Angling is a mayor past time with most males owning a rod or two, some men actually make there living fishing with rod and line and selling there catch in local street markets. I lived in Riga whi
  25. those old pike boards, were you had a bright coulred disk (on one side) that floated that you supended a livebait under and let it float free across a lake, when you had a pike the disk fliped over to show the bright side. you rowed out and pulled it in, these were set out early evening and recovered the next morning. I never have used them by the way. Pike in knotted keep nets Keep Nets full of barble on the river seven Eels on baited mouse traps! spring balance stright into the gills gold fish as live baits I am sure there are many more
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