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  1. Hi, I fish because I like to be in nature. It's nice to relax on the water and to do some thinking, but the best reason of all is, I enjoy it very much.
  2. Nice pictures of great fish and the flowers are lovely. Thanks for posting this link.
  3. That was great. Especially when the snake fell of the tree!!!
  4. Interesting to read, really cool.
  5. Hi Jerry, nice to meet you, and again sorry for the late reply. It's unintentional, I swear. Now to your question: Yes, we do catch a lot of barbel at that part of the Rhein. As you shurely know, the Rhein is a very big river and the barabels, like every other fish, grow quite big there. The biggest barbel caught was 10, 4 kg 570 g and 81 cm, caught by Daniel Berthold, in the Rhein bei Remagen. We catch barbels nearly every time we go fishing there, just like Brassen. The barbels like cheese very much and that is nearly a shure catch, exept for our last trip, but it was just to cold, I guess. Where do you go fishing, and what's your favorite catch and your biggest? How is the area where you fish? Hi Phil, sorry to hear hat about your cat. So she is the same age as ours. We were just lucky that our cat is very strong and healthy for his age. The operation it self was no problem and his eye is getting better now. I can understand your decision, not to have the op done and I hope the tablets work for your cat. What's his or her name?
  6. Hi Phil, I can't believe "German Girl two" is back, but I'm glad, that we can stil chat for a while. Sorry to hear about your cat. I guess your right, it could get expensive. I know how it feels, when you will do everything to make your pet get well again, beause you love them. How old is your cat? Hope, that she'll be better soon. So "Karfreitag", that's how we call that friday before easter is a holiday for you two. What's it called. About my fishingtrip. Like I worte in another topic, we went fishing over night on the river Rhein. It was so cold, like you wouldn't believe. Especially me, small fishergirl, I feel cold even in the hottest summer. We didn't catch even an old shoe, but it was nice, just to be in nature aain, after a long winter. I was hoping to catch a big catfish and then post it in the forum, but now, I can only keep on dreaming. At the moment I'm so much in stress with publiching the book, that I hardly find time to eat. I've already lost 2 kg. That publishing is a part writing, that I don't like so much, even though I seem to have a talent for it. I even was broadcast on the radio on the 4th of april. But know enough of me. What where all you other guys doing over he holidays? And thanks again Phil for keeping this topic alive!!! Patty
  7. It looks like he has a beard, showing it off to his lady.
  8. You sound like a lot of fun!!! So you've had a few good fishing ours after work. That 's nice. I went fishing on sunday to monday night on the river Rhein. It was so cold and we didn't catch anything. But it was fun anyway, just being out in nature.
  9. Hi Wendy, Hope you have a good time here, like I do.
  10. Hi guys, Sorry for the late reply, but my husband and I went fishing on our lake yesterday. Here in Germany the friday before easter is a holiday. How is that in britain. Unfortunately, no one of us caught something, not even an old shoe. But it wasn't really important, it was fun to be in nature again, just relaxing, on a sunny spring day. Hi Ferret, thanks for the cool link about catfish in the UK. That is a very informative swebsite. I had no idea that they can grow to be so big in your country. What are you guys doing on easter? We intend to go fisdhing on the river Rhein, for catfish. We know a nice place by the city called Bingen, where big catfish have been caught. Does any of you know that area? It's very beautyful there. The UNESCO is keeping that part of Germany on the river Rhein as a world-cultural-heritage. I'll tell you all about the fishing trip on monday or tuesday, and, if I shouldn't find the time to write again before that day, I wish you all a happy and very joyful easter holiday. Patty
  11. Hi John, I have to apologize again for the late reply. The Stress doesn't seem to get any less, but at least my cat is getting better. Al right, so your not afraid of the wels, but I know, that I am, if it's a big one. We've treid to catch a big wels, that's suppose to be in the river Rhein close to the city "Ingelheim", but we failled, just like you in the place is called Emberton, maybe your concentration sufford because of the good-looking swims. Patty
  12. Hi Neil, nice to hear from you again. It seems to be forever, since your last post in this topic. So there are catfish in british rivers. That's interesting. Why are they rare in british rivers? Catfish is a very common fish in the rivers of the continent and they grow very big. Is there such a diffrence between the rivers here and the rivers in your country? Some of the catfish here are three meters in length. Last year I went swimming in the river Rhein and during swimming a thought of such a monster, that could be near me, went through my head. I think it only took me a few seconds to get out the water, with shaking knees and a fast beating heart. Hi Phil, so your wife doesn't like insects eather. They are my nightmare too. That's why I like to fish in rivers, even though the rhein has some nasty little mosquitos too. How big can the wels grow in british rivers? Hi John, nice to meet you. Is someboby scared of the big wels? Patty
  13. Hi you british fishermen, I've just got back from my interiew with the newspapers, actually with two newspapers. It was very nice and a new experience. They've asked me everything, from childhoodexperiences to my plans for the future. I can hardly wait, what they'll wirte about me, but I already have seen the pictures the took from me, they're nice. My husband went fiching yesterday evening. He caught a 80 zentimeter pike in our little lake. I wish I could have gone with him, but I had to publish my book in the internet and get everything ready for the interview. Here is a picture of the lake, unfortunately, he didn't take a picture of the fish. How do you fellas like our lake? Hi Davy, thanks for posting the Link, it was very interesting. This was the first time, that I've seen a scotish pound, very colourful with nice pictures. And that to banks started this two currency-system. Hi Phil, thanks for telling me, where the greyling is a common fish. So many rivers, where the greyling exists. ┬┤We only have him in the south of Germany in little rivers of the alps. Here is a question to all fishermen. Where is the wels common in britain? I've heared, that fish would only be allowed in lakes, not in rivers, is that true? Yours Patty
  14. Hi fellas, sorry - sorry - sorry for the late reply, but I'm just to busy at the moment. I even wanted to post a new topic a few days ago, again about fishing, of course - and couldn't make it. You're not getting rid of "lovely" me. My cat was getting better, after the difficult operation, when the doctor had to take out his eye, and we were so happy about his recovery. But now he got the flue so bad, that he couldn't and I didn't sleep all night. I was so worried. He's had so much trouble breathing. The doctor said, that his body has to fight the flu on his own, there's no medication for it, just antibiotics, and the don't help enough. I hope, that everything will be alright. Tomorrow I've got my first interview with a newspaper - interview with a vampire . They'll write about me and the release of my book. I'm a bit nervous, but it's also interesting. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow evening, if it interests you. Now to your posts. Hi Phil, dfishing for Greyling in the river aire sounds great. Wish I could travel there right now and relax during fishing. I think it's great, that the environment agency is stocking more grayling in the river. We would need that here to. It's such a beautyful fish. Is greyling a very common fish in the UK, or is he only found in some rivers? Where is he most common? Hi Paul, so the EA have been restocking more fish in the rivers. What kind of fish and in what rivers and why was that necessary? Hi Davy, it's very nice, that you didn't forget my question about the witches-burning. Thanks for the Link. It is very informative and also a bit depressing, to read about all those women who were murdered. I'll just took a quick look, but I'll take more time for it as soon as I can, and I'm shure coming up with more questions - nowing me. About scotland and england. Thanks for explaining that to me. I've just heared, that the scotish were not so keen about beeing part of the UK, but it's good to hear, that it isn't like that. I just love their kilts!!! But is it true, that he have there own currency? And if it is, why is that? It was nice to hear from you guys again!!! and to chat with you. Patty
  15. I've heared from eggs-Benedikt, but I've never ate it, and it was a funny joke. Patty
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