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    papendrecht [ netherland ]
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    fish on big bream tench <br />fishing with the centre pin <br />i dreaming of cacth a barbel in holland
  1. I use a had with a wide brim and sunglass , but a black tip on the float is also very usefull gr jerry
  2. But you are always welcome in Holand and what you see on the pic's is what you get gr jerry
  3. Chris come to holland for ide fishig , see here pic from a small site of dutch fishermen http://flitsendnylon.nl/fotogalerie/ gr jerry
  4. These rings use i now for a think 2 years and they are great Look at the site of these 2 rodbuilders for pic http://www.cjw-hengels.nl/hengels.html http://www.specimenrods.nl/ gr jerry
  5. Martin Page was the co-writer of Predator becomes the prey , i have a signed one bought it years ago in Norwich in the shop of Dave Plummer gr jerry
  6. For the rods CJW a dutch custom builder and for reels Daiwa , for floats drennan and for the bags etc korum Gr jerry Look here for Cjw http://www.cjw-hengels.nl/hengels.html
  7. Christmas islands or bay of plenty in new sealand gr jerry
  8. The colour is not always a clou , because ide has also a colour eye look at the pic that post gr jerry
  9. I think a Asp or Eel , but i think all fish are in there own class good sportfish So for perch i use a 5 gr spinning rod and small plugs but for pike i take a 25 gr spinning rod so a perch is no match on the pike gear So you cant say that is a very good sportfish and that fish not it depend all on tackle and size gr jerry
  10. I hope that you mean that the picture was excellent Steve , it was a self taking picture so it's a lucky shot gr jerry
  11. Most of the fisherman don't weight there fish except carp but they mesure them , but i know waters where tecnh swims above the 6 kilo in the spring but most of the tench we caught here are between the 45 - 60 cm with no weight gr jerry google earth for kinderdijk and you see what a water there is
  12. This is not a really big tench but the pic is very nice Gr jerry
  13. The Korum ruckbag , it;s the best that i ever have by far gr jerry
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