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  1. Do you ever answer the post you quote ? Its strange people say we have no leverage yet the EU is determined to get our waters to fish in ! The EU are annoyed we wont cave in to their DEMANDS ,hopefully we never give in to bullies demands but i think our government will just take their brown envelopes or whatever gets their ear and just hand it over like mrs may would have! Luckily i will be dead soon so not to see the britain who stood up to thugs disapear
  2. Why do it? Stupidity ? A need to find your roots as you grow older ? Promise me you wont keep using the intrepid or mental illness creeps into the scenario lol There was only one decent intrepid made intrepid the Super Twin its problem was it was 30 years to late! The far older Supreme and Elite were good (infact the Elite world beating for a second or so then it didnt improve and sunk into obscurity) but based on reels of the time that were not! I remember as a kid using an intrepid my uncle gave me and getting tangles and having to cut line and retie it which caused problems ,i put
  3. Picture of this amazing reel please ,i know they use magnets for braking but not for propulsion but things change! Purpetual motion depending on mechanical assistence isnt perpetual motion
  4. Do you ever actually answer anything in the quotes you refer to?
  5. He 'could ' be right if the EU put up tarriffs and do their best to upset trade between us and europe but its all opinion its never been done before so how would he know 100% ? Just opinion nothing more We have been bankrupt several times in the last 100 years ,so? I wouldnt trust the governer he hid certain goings on in his circles regarding the FCA
  6. Who! are talking ,what haulier? Unless you link to the exact person saying it its hearsay ,is it all hauliers ? Some hauliers? A haulier? A spokesman representing all hauliers ,some hauliers ? A haulier? A hailier organisation looking for handouts ? Who? I saw a "representative" (whatever that is) of "haulier" (s) saying regarding dover "we will all starve ,go naked and freeze to death" ,he obviously is an idiot ,we get food from around the globe ,clothes the same and you cannot put electric in a truck and most DO NOT come through dover ,typical remain scare tactics too late! Dover
  7. Wow someone has come up with rubber gloves ,you know the ones we used to use before artificial ones ! Latex ! Another excuse to cut down natural forests and plant single species trees, isnt palm enough? They "could" rot down in days (how many ?365? 1000?) well hopefully they're not starting when the surgeons got his hands inside your guts! And mr bbc reporter bloke they are not "natural" between tree and hand theres an awful lot of unatural processes going on!
  8. Yes as it says "worst case scenario" if martians landed and destroyed all crops on earth that to would be a "worst case scenario" reality is different! Your confirmation bias is alive and well and thriving on opinion i see. It doesnt matter what you post come january we are out 100% (hopefully) your posts are not going to change anything Have you anything nice to say about anyone this year?
  9. Still there! No doubt it's going to grow a fur coat for the winter soon. Almost directly above it is a bird feeder ,i put generic bird food in it the mixed grain and sunflower seed type ,the tits usualy chuck out the corn to get the sunflower seeds so the ground gets most of it .I dont know what bird eats the grain its to big for small ones and even the black birds ignore it so the pidgeons and doves get it ,they obviously dont eat couscous though so its not just me. I put the crust of the loaf out last night ,thats gone so the badgers and foxes dont like it either
  10. Unfortunately, the truth isn't always convenient , hopefully, someone in the future doesn't look at old adverts and think england was inhabitited by black people only ,going by the adverts and the rush to be 'inclusive' the majority are not white as it is in reality. Now the police? (Missed the first bit) are going to insist 40% of new intakes are not white ! Isnt that racist? America tried reverse discrimination it failed miserably ,they were employing less qualified blacks in the frenzy to look good over more qualified whites ! If these presenters want to look at slavery turn the
  11. Perhaps they did say it and are reminding people they did Another pet hate : historians: their whole output is based on hearsay! Reenactments : producers obviously think watchers dont have the intelligence to visualise what they are on about ,my biggest hate "romans" if the word crops up instantly a dozen roman inpersonaters suddenly appear marching somewhere! Mention ww1 and suddenly remarkably clean 'tommies' appear to emphasise something Programs about nothing! IE "the search for" type programs an complete program about finding absolutely nothing IE the s
  12. It would have been more amusing (and probably more politically astute ) if cummings had fired boris ,these 'advisors' from all parties appear to run the place!
  13. Yes plenty of eccentric people about even today ,it was a nice obituary i can visualise the guy! Fishing used to be the top pastime and the amount of makers for both rods and reels shows this. If your into old reels get yourself a copy of "fishing reels ,collecting for all" theres two editions hopefully a third appears eventually. Not found anything similar on rods though but i expect there will be something on lists refined to makers out there ,i like lists ! Spotted the Chapman list in your link ,my Shelford wasnt listed so i presume it was later ,i bought it in about 66 with
  14. Hopefully somethings eaten it or I will be sweeping it off the floor !
  15. £1.50? Update birds still have not touched it ,forgot to pivot camera to see if anything else has but usually, both foxes and badgers visit nightly so it must be bloody bad or it's so tasteless they cannot differentiate between it and surrounding dirt albeit coloured! Checked the BB date and its within it so its not years old to make a difference to it ,although dry wheat / grain products have a very long shelf life if stored correctly
  16. Paraffin stove luxury . I remember when i was about 5 or 6 being sent down the road to get a gallon of paraffin on tick (who would refuse a kid) and i remember it exactly it had a glass bottle in it which held the fuel ,until the day it caught fire and mum chucking a bowl of water on it.I cant remember it lit after that on reflecting i dont think she had permission from dad to have it When my dad came home on leave he got shot of it as he was terrified of fire (later my mum said something happened to him on his ship in the suez crises but never went into detail) so fires were banned
  17. At least the expensive slate bye product is fire proof but i am sure self entitled idiots would swear these bits of slate cut them to ribbons when they fell into the flower beds to sleep off their drunken state covered in their own **** and vomit as a saturday night out seems to be the norm today ,myself i just fell into nettles and brambles and was to ashamed to tell anyone i didnt sue the council for negligence and post my stupidity on facebook along with several pictures proving my last meal contained corn even if i was to drunk to remember eating it
  18. If only it had enough sauce to put a semblance of flavour in it . The picture on the packet is the usual hype ,the amount was tiny even "fluffed up" and despite following the instructions to the millilitre and minute the bits that were not breadcrumbs were still hard after 5 minutes so whatever flavour they contained they closely guarded . I can see why they were never heard off in popular culture years ago people were not narcassistic in enough numbers with access to social media to show they pretended to like it and look down on others who see it for what it is ,the rubbish bits f
  19. Yes words are cheap and government words only second in cheapness to the party in opposition who say many but dont have to back them up at all! They would all have to be very hefty generators to pump out enough and they would probably use more fuel to provide the electric that just run a bloody car in the first place The electric company replaced our wires to the three homes on the end of it and we had a huge generator between us as big as a car no less ,every day it was duly filled with diesel even then we were warned not to use an instant heat shower it may upset it!
  20. You can taste pot noodles well at least they dont feel like damp breadcrumbs ,my daughter will be getting 11 of those particular delights hopefully it teaches her a lesson and you found the source of my post lol
  21. Unfortunate the global warming lot are dictating the rules ,leaders need to be on the band wagon to get their votes .You can dictate major infrastructure changes i remember when appliences went from coal gas to natural gas ,it wasnt wanted then it was a hassel but it was forced by circumstances as will be electric vehicles whether they are viable or not! On the bright side ancient mainstream bangers will become valuable only new cars will be banned in the first phase! There will be work arounds ofcourse gas power conversions theres even cars that only run on leaded fuel out there wit
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