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  1. If its been destroyed whilst being in the EU then perhaps its better getting out? As i said if our government enforce harder rules than today the fish stocks should improve because half the world isnt taking them and landing them unseen on the continent. Ours will gladly destroy all fishing as they did in the past so the gov need to root out the foreign ships using brit credentials and start from scratch boats will have to land their catches in britain THEN they get the handouts ,although as i said why should tax payers be propping up career choices? Fishing is back under UK con
  2. Do you eat lobsters every day ,blimey i have never even tried one why would i? I dont think life revolves around lobsters obviously you do? Prices will crash thats good for the housewife surely or dont you care about them? Who told me? If they did do you think i believed them ? Why would i care for someones lifestyle choice of fishing ,why should i care if they go under if i have never eaten what they produce ,on the bright side without the fleet harvesting millions of tons of fish they may recover for our great grand kids to eat ,at the rate it is fish will go extinct and all we will fin
  3. Then they will lose those luvly exports ! DW is a german news station get out more! Theres lits of news media that not british and decent satellite dishes get the lot ,what they say is not the bias you see on our stations ,if they say germany is upset its upset. Just thinking what i have imported from germany ,a beurer footbath ,almost a german 5 stage filtration system but found the germans suplier and i got it direct from china .so personaly i will not pay more directly i will simply not buy it if its expensive .most probably the rest of whatever germany exports i will treat the same ti
  4. Thats fine they will have to adjust their prices to compensate for any tarriffs ,we can aswell . Only fools buy something thats not worth the money or we would all be eating cavier in rolls royces.not sure what we import from the EU most is imported because its easy not necessarily cheaper ,i can certainly live without german sausage french cheese and spanish oranges ,we can probably get them cheaper elswere? I never understood why the EU members had to pay to join to get free trade ,zero tarrifs and border control saves money so why pay the middleman ?
  5. ?????? Again you are twisting my words show me where i said the europeans dont eat lots of fish WE thats US import more fish than we export ,you quoted the figures .You said we dont eat much yet proved your own words wrong by telling me the statistics of our imports ! If we didnt eat the bloody stuff why do we import so much?
  6. You obviously dont think the loss of £ billions in exports to the UK is going to go without annoyance ,the germans and french are already talking to Brussels with veiled threats thats why the EU didnt chuck their hand in in february ,stop watching the bbc and look at DW etc
  7. Why are you now talking about the EU brexit is about us remember bugger the foreigners
  8. Why dont you read ,sell us some of it for a change i have never eaten langostines i am sure if it tastes nice people will buy it especially if the EU put huge import tarriffs on it (which we can do in return) You forget the power of people if germans want our stuff and we want theirs do you think the EU will dare get in the way
  9. You said it we import 60-80% of what we eat ,your agreeing with me!why would the price change if we are eating fish directly from our fleet not what was sold to the EU then reinported?
  10. Again i say perhaps if they sold it here in the first place they wouldnt lose so much ,hopefully they lose their trade in the EU then come crawling back whining for brits to buy it we refuse
  11. Again the crap ,if we dont eat fish why do we import so much?
  12. If we dont eat fish why do we import so much? Again you bring this up ,have a search for the real facts i posted last time not the remain lies! Perhaps its brit trawlers getting round the quotas by landing fish offshore like they used to with the russians
  13. Nor do i but trouble will come if the members who fish our waters dont any more
  14. All of them the EU is a trading block they dictate the rules and who we trade with,we had this discussion before ,do you want me to again drag up the evidence or do you want to search?
  15. They if you mean our government they are not making a big deal the EU is! Remember they want all the fish they want britain not to compete with them at any level and they still want to dictate who we trade with after we leave . If fishing not a big deal why is the EU so desperate to get it? People dont understand what control of fishing is its letting the EU get some of it for a deal ,we still control 100% of it ,before the EU did! We can remove their rights at the first french border strike if we want ,thats what control is! The gov would be fools to hand over all the fishing to the
  16. Does anyone care what he says ? Most of the country don't even know who he is Serial liar, one of those toffs you hate and sticky fingers in many pies,pretty much an british version of trump who never made it to the top
  17. Ministers usualy dont know what reality is anyway
  18. The royals and history wont disapear in january
  19. Even worse if yorkshire doesnt get out lol ,people the world over dont know what britain is but mention england and they know ,scotland is small compared to england ,why would brexit stop foreigners coming ,they can if they ask nicely Its amusing when you watch war documentories the germans always call us english not british Distribution by area Region 2019 Visits (000) Spend (£m) London 21,713 £15,725 Rest of England 16,937 £9,055
  20. Did you read my post ,the reason hes not been done is hes going to take people down with him ,they maybe very high people you dont bulldoze ancient dunes and ssi's without someone getting brown envelopes and you dont have people arrested in their own gardens just talking about him unless you have bunged to the police
  21. Hopefully it does ,that bitch running scotland will quickly run out of public support when the coffers dry up ,we can give northern Ireland back to the Irish they do nothing for the generous handouts we give them
  22. "If" he lost nothing his company did ,only idiots use their own money ,the brown envelopes to the police must have cost a bit and dont mention the councils and other people in on it. It wouldnt surprise me if holyrood wasnt involved ,better not dig to deep they may uncover something they dont want seen
  23. I said country i could have said england because the other 3 can **** theirs up without his help
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