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  1. I'm new to session carping only been a couple of times & blanked both any reccomendations onglugs to buy makes flavours etc there that many out there i wouldn't know if i was being sold the right stuff in the tackle shop.Just getting all the gear needed to start going.
  2. Did you try fishing with nothing on line & watching the line for bite indication used to fish like this years ago for roach,dace&bleak on the rivers.
  3. thanks for info i'll ask at the tackle shop i use then .
  4. Hi all, When i bought a carp bait cooler bag recently there came with a bag with 6 glug pots being new to Carp angling i'd like to use them for glugging some baits what's the fluid thats used . Do i buy ready made fluid is so where can i get it from or can i make my own&flavour it myselfif so what do i use.
  5. Hi All, What do use for your rigs the rig boards &different bags &wallets ive looked at arent long enough i bought a bait cool baitbag &with was a rig wallet set up &soft rubber rig board with a hook bar & map pins to hold rigs. But the rig board in the wallet is only 10 inches long &the ready tied rigs i have are 11/4 inches long from bend of hook to eye, So when i put hook onthe bar the swivel on rig came past the end of the board meaning the braid hook links would have to bent round map pin & i wanted to keep them straight so they aren't kinked.Is the
  6. black garden slugs, lampreys, wasp grub,
  7. Icould tick them all depends what i'm fishing for or where i'm going
  8. Iv'e gone off the bolt rig method &prefer to fish with as small a lead as possible sometimes no lead at all &also prefer to fish slack lines as & i set the baitrunner clutch a light as possible. Also i set reel clutch light so when you get a take the fish doesn't realise its hooked a swims off gently . All i do then i lean into the fish no need to strike it's already on the gradually tighten clutch till i turn the fish & get it swimming towards me under the pressure im putting on rod. Ive landed carp over 10 lbs in no time IMHO i don't think they realise they hooked . Bu
  9. Absolutley brilliant all the post's are i'm feeling a bit depressed at the moment really cheered me up reading all the funny posts keep them coming
  10. If your ordering of Ebay watch out for postal charges i ordered some gear &the postage charges came to over £7.00 per item.
  11. Had tremendous of www.TackleShop.co.uk had loads of gear of them over the last year great delivery &only a £1.00 delivery each parcel not item.
  12. i used to fish the dead arm for roach by passing the lock Baa water can't think of place but just above tewkwesbury. also Mucky meadows Baa Ribbesford but over 20 yrs ago .Don't know what is fishes like now.
  13. Hi Andrew ,thanks can you e mail it me of my post please.
  14. Hi Andrew surely you'd give it to a fellow Lodge Park Angling club member a long standing member of over 20years &ex committee member.
  15. Hi all do any you know any where on the teme looking for a weeks holiday from 1st july for 2 . or some where we could bivvy up for a week. need to be near river &chance of catching barbel.
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