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  1. i have heard of them ghost carp
  2. i keep a garden pond that gets filled with tadpoles (both from frogs and toads) early in the spring the water is usually filled with thousands of tiny tadpoles, within a few months there are only a quarter of what was originally there, when they they become the size of a raisin just before they start sprouting limbs i always assumed reduction of them was due to the fish eating them as the pond is covered with fine mesh to keep off any birds and the garden is relatively free from predators, i have seen a large golden orf sucking in and ejecting a tadpole but never see it actually eat i
  3. i have caught a perch with no stripes and an almost blue tint to it, and a brown trout in a canal on double maggot, also had a few goldfish and golden orfe
  4. the line as snapped on a few occasions but my main problem is that i dont have enough confidence in the light line to pull the fish away from snags and other anglers as they seem to take off like a rocket once hooked heading into other peoples swims across the lake i am not actually targeting these fish with my float road i have a heavier rod and line that is more than capable of handling them but i usually set that up on a bobbin and float fish for smaller species to pass the time between bites on the second rod and when i put stronger line the fish i am targeting seem spooked and my
  5. the past few weeks i have been fishing a fairly small farm pool which is pretty well stocked with most course species, but as many carp between 3 and 20lb i have been fishing with 4lb line straight threw a waggler with 2 maggots on a size 16 fished on the bottom i have been doing pretty good with this set up except when one of the carp decides to have a go at the maggots when i have been dragged all round the pond with light tackle i tried bulking up the line to 6lb and 8lb but i dont seem to get anywhere near as many bites i dont know if the thinker mono is not allowing the bai
  6. i decided to go down to my local lake for an hour or two last night, as it was last minute i grabbed my match rod and a few odds and ends and got down to the lake, after about an hour i had caught what was either an albino crucian or some kind of white goldfish weighing about 2lb when i dug into my pockets to grab my phone to take a pic i realized i had left without it
  7. there is a small stream that runs past one of the farm pools that i fish that has loads of 3 spined sticklebacks, i used to take my little nephew along with his net and a bucket to see how many we could catch before putting them back some of them have really nice markings sort of like a mackerel if they where any bigger i bet they would put up a hell of a scrap is there not a 3rd marine species of stickleback in the uk or am i getting confused with something else?
  8. i have been fishing with meat punched into pellet shapes and want to have a go at adding an extra kick to the bait can anyone help me out with any tips with what best flavourings to soak/put on to luncheon meat i just want to experiment a bit and see if adding flavouring or colouring makes a difference and wonder if anyone could give me any advise on what and not to try adding to it.
  9. okuma interceptor is a really good budget reel you can pick them up for around 30 quid and have never heard any complaints
  10. i have been looking at some bollies and pellets on ebay and found some small manufactured baits made in kitchens and sheds etc, there is mixed feed back on some of the ebay listings but most lakes are swamped with bag fulls of the same flavour, size, brand of baits that are most popular with anglers in that area, and i have been wondering if anyone as had more success with some of the smaller bait brands ? if anyone sells any baits or can recommend any worth trying can you please let me know ? cheers mike
  11. sounds like the stuff from teenage mutant ninja turtles hope no one as dumped any terrapins in there
  12. i usually unhook them in the net and return them without touching them the worst part is pulling all the little blobs of slime off your line afterwards
  13. getting your hands dirty is all part of the sport i take a few wet wipes to give my hands a clean before eating my sarnies and it doesnt seem to have done me or the fish any harm
  14. i was once fishing one of my local lakes and a lad stud next to me asking if i had caught anything etc. and then produced a bag full of boilies which where scattered along the read bed next to my swim he then told me he was going to be fishing there the next day, not only do they want to keep you out of swims facing them when they have got a line in they want to bait them up if your using them before they get there
  15. if someone is cheeky enough to say you cant fish a vacant swim i think its only fair that you can be cheeky enough to say i am here now you best stop pouching in my swim. trouble is most people let them get away with it and move on so they think its acceptable
  16. i wouldnt worry about what it says on the side of the float, as long as you put enough shot on until the float sits in the water so just the tip is showing it should do its job the more of the float out the water the more resistance that is felt by the fish so its sometimes better to over shot the float if you can get away with it
  17. i don't fancy lugging a fish in a landing net across a corn field, dont think it would be good for me or the fish and i dont understand the logic of moving the fish in 1st place when people can fish for them in either pond if they wish, i really dont understand how it would benefit him having a fish in a pool on his land moved to another pool on his land unless he is planning on filling in the second pool or if its a case of fish welfare,
  18. Last year i got permission to fish a small farm that has 2 pools one a small man made pool and the other is an old natural pond that has lots of trees and the surface is covered in weeds and the bottom has a bed of sort of star shaped plants, i have never seen anyone fish the more over grown water preffering the smaller man made pool last week there was no one else fishing either ponds so i decided to try out the more covered lake and was catching small perch and having my maggots shredded by sticklebacks so swapped over to worms/corn/bread and caught some better perch and roach but i not
  19. most of us have never seen a E.A. official perhaps thats why the fishery owners are copping it because they are out there taking money on the banks and doing there jobs in the public eye, if the fisheries where enforcing the licenses on behalf of the E.A. it would be wasting more of my license fee money on paying the wages of there never present bailiffs, i understand the E.A. do good work in other areas but as far as enforcing there licenses its a joke and pees me off when sometimes i am sure i am the only one with a license on some waters, i dont mind spending money on a license
  20. I think instead of having fishery owners checking rod license on the bank the people from the E.A. should do there job and actually come out and check the banks more often. I dont see why its the job of the owners (some of them) provide nice surroundings and quality fish that most anglers wouldnt get to fish for otherwise. i think the problem is any idiot can buy a cheap rod from argos and wonder onto the banks and 99% of the time get away with fishing without a license which isnt fair on all the anglers that do buy a license. Most anglers who take pride in there hobby will return fi
  21. mike1234


    most of my fishing is done around my local farm pools which contain carp from 2 to 20lb, tench up to about 6lb, and small bream and roach, most of my fishing until recently was done either on the float or swim feeder, but i have start experimenting a bit with new rigs as most of the pools i fish are fished with modern tactics and some seem to work better than others. i was just looking for a good way of getting a better understanding of fish behavior and why certain rigs will work better than others in different environments. the internet as been great on finding out how to tie every kind
  22. mike1234


    since i have read all my stephen king and dean koontz books i thought i could spend my time reading about fishing and learn more about rigs and tactics rather than pestering on here when ever i get a problem so can anyone recommend any books/authors worth looking up
  23. i hate the way sometimes the descriptions on sky are a bit vague so you dont know which episode your going to watch/record and it always ends up being that episode of go fishing where john wilson treads on his donkey tip while barbel fishing, about time there was something fresh
  24. my method of fishing is usually float fishing with a match rod and have a second rod on a bite alarm to target carp,tench,bream, etc a lot of my fishing is done a close range and i rarely hit into anything over 10lb but a lot of people keep telling me the benefits of swapping over to braid but i am not sure if i need it because i rarely fish large waters where i have a lot of line off the reel and don't seem to be struggling to register bites using mono does anyone here think its worth me swapping and if so any recommendations would be much appreciated cheers, mike
  25. Unfortunately my approach is the total opposite as i don't really ever get chance to plan ahead, i only know when i am going to be free a day or two before a fishing trip or sometimes the very morning so i need to make most of the planning on the spot depending on what venue i can get too and what baits is available at the time (bait shop is shut on sundays )
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