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    Well fishing rocks my world but i also enjoy cycling, keepfit and the odd trip to the coast to surf the waves.
  1. TFG(Total Fishing Gear) have such a product in their range i believe.
  2. Correct it is one rod only for guests, in fact while in Thatcham Angling centre today i spied a large sign stating that fact.
  3. First trip out for me yesterday and the glorious Kennet was my port of call.Unfortunately the Barbel did not come out to play for me or for any of the other anglers i spoke to but the ever reliable Chub saved a blank and a brace of four pounders was a nice way to kick off the river season for me. Thinking back to past seasons the first two weeks has always been a struggle where barbel are concerned...i never learn
  4. While you are in Lidl check out the Lumpfish caviar, put a marble sized ball of it in the Fox bait mesh and either hair rig it to a smaller hook or side hook directly onto a larger one.My local store also sometimes stocks jars of crayfish tails these look the business as well but have not tried them yet.
  5. Funnily enough i never recall swans or other water birds being a problem when i was younger and of course back then carp were far less common than they are now, BTW i cannot take credit for this method as it is as old as the hills have certainly seen it mentioned in one of older angling books possibly Stillwater Angling by Dick Walker.
  6. I grew up in Bedfordshire and at the time early to late seventies i had access to several waters that contained good Rudd.The technique my father and myself used was to anchor a large onion bag or similar stuffed with stale bread to a housebrick and heave it out as far as possible into the swim. The idea was to get the bag suspended about a foot to eighteen inches under the surface and wait for the Rudd to arrive.Fishing a piece of flake under a self cocking float was the tackle set up we used fished alongside the bag.Catches of a dozen or so good sized Rudd(1.5lb plus) were commonpla
  7. Hello All In early July i have to attend a weekend work related course at Ross on Wye and hope to have a few hours in the evening on the Wye.Have looked at the Wye and Usk Foundation's website and am very impressed with the amount of water available.However their prices although reasonable enough for the exclusive nature of the fishing they offer are something i would want to take advantage of for a full day not the three or four hours max i will have at my disposal. Has anyone fished the town waters at Ross?is there any free water available or a cheap day ticket op
  8. Yes a pretty good day three Crucians five Tench a couple of Perch and a shedload of small Rudd.Actually this is the first time in all my visits to Marsh Farm that i have caught species other than Crucians and Tench, all on 6ml flavoured expander pellets.
  9. Was there today and had no problems the guy in the shop inspected my landing net deemed it acceptable so i was good to go! No problems staying on either after the shop shut as well although i left a bit earlier than i would have liked but that was my choice rather than observing a fishery rule.
  10. The website never has been updated on a regular basis but a call to the on site tackle shop has always provided me with all the relevant info. Is by no means as prolific as in the early years of its existence but the chance of a huge "true" crucian puts it in a pretty unique position, well certainly one that is open to all.
  11. Looking at another websites forum brings up a slightly different take on this issue.Apparently this rule was rushed through pretty quickly and is to be amended to allow day ticket anglers to stay on till 7.00pm. As it happens i am due to visit M.F. sometime in the next couple of weeks for my annual fix of monster crucian hunting so will let you all know of the new rules to be aware of.
  12. At one time i think Drewatt & Neatte controlled the fishing above the weir but i now believe it comes under Donnington Country Club's contol.I know for sure that the club control the fishing above Donninton road bridge and an amazing looking piece of river it is as well.Many moons ago in a previous existence my former employer had a corporate christmas bash at the DD club,a few of us wandered down to the river to have a sneaky look before it got dark and were mightily impressed with what we saw. Thats the good news the bad news is that winter Grayling fishing(fly only) is only availabl
  13. Welcome aboard Viney There are a few stretches of the lower Kennet available on a day ticket via the Reading & District Angling Association (RDAA) have a look on their website or call in at any of the Reading tackle shops and they should point you in the right direction.
  14. A new close face reel from ABU this is music to my ears as i was unaware they had brought out a new model.I was never impressed with Daiwa's version of the DAM "coffee grinder" so perhaps the 706 will be a worthy replacement for my much used and abused 501.
  15. Very well done John and an interesting and thought provoking story to boot.
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